Gettting ready

We are off to Northumberland tomorrow, the four of us and the dog. As usual in this family there is STRESS. J, the younger, diva daughter announced that she didn’t want to come tomorrow, she wanted to come by herself on Sunday so as not to miss someone’s party. Ths caused C (the older daughter) and I to take cover round at my sister’s while J confronted her Dad. Naturally he was annoyed,so, as usual, he went over the top and said he would disown her! He told her to come with us tomorrow or not to come at all. To cut a long story short, she decided to come. I hope that’ll be the end of it but I have a feeling it might not be!

Then there was the behaviour of the washing machine. Earlier this week it decided to refuse to spin. Friendly washing machine repair man came to the rescue and (embarrasing) cleaned the filter.
All well ? No, now it’s decided to wash for ages, even on quick wash. After that it spins to buggery. Several wrung out limp and sad garments (which I was planning on taking on holiday) later,I have turned the spin speed down. C doesn’t trust it so she’s taken her washing round to my sister’s.

C’s boyfriend’s lizard and J’s (who lived with C’s boyfriend when we had the house rewired and stayed on) is in residence at our house, she’s now trying to organise him into looking after them. They moved here because he has become allergic to them or their bedding.

Ah well, I am still looking forward to the holiday.

Did I mention that the dog is going to stay with a gun dog trainer in Northumberland? He’s going to give him a bit of training, trouble is I know we will miss him and worry abouthim, especially at night as he comes to bed with us. Still, if he learns to walk to heel and to come when he’s called it’ll be worth it. He’s not that bad really, he is a Springer after all. He’s a very lovely boy.

Haven’t put petrol in car yet.

Got care for cats, ponies and guinea pig organised so will soon get down to packing.

Ok so how do I do a spell check?

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