Holiday resume

Journey to Northumberland went well until we turned off the M6 at Penrith. The car (Hyundai Matrix) started to play a game that it found fun a while ago. The garage couldn’t find anything wrong then. What happens is ,it won’t go into gear. First gear can usually be found by switching off engine, engaging gear and then restarting.
Anyway , thanks to good driving by C we arrived in one piece. All lovely as usual in Blanchland.
We were due to meet up with a gun dog trainer who was going to take Ralph for some training but he didn’t appear.

We caught up with him next day and handed Ralph over for the day with his feed. bowls and lead.
Then we set off to see my husband(N)’s stepfather who is 86 and has just had a knee replacement.
He thought we should go back to the hotel and call the AA. Well, we did, and yes, you’ve guessed
it, the car was passed fit.

Ralph came back , having taken an hour to be caught we arranged to meet the trainer again on the next day (Christmas) but in the morning there was no sign of him at his house, nor was there on several occasions at other times. (There is no mobile signal in that area.)

So, we took Ralph up on the moors to have a run. He ran, he ran and ran- for two hours! Leaping and bounding, ears flapping, chasing grouse and having a whale of a time! Trouble was it was nearly lunchtime. Eventually I told N to go back to the hotel and have lunch as there was no point in us all missing it. (Claire meanwhile was hiding in the bathroom in her room while the cleaners did their thing.)

Luckily it was a beautiful day, bright sunshine and really crisp and icy. A bit daunting though, to be on my own. Luckily, however ,I was finally able to catch the dear dog who by then was wet and shivering. Had signal up there, so was able to ‘phone through to hotel and N came back and got us and we didn’t miss our dinner. Still no sign of trainer so we had to cadge some food for Ralph.

The next day we went to the seaside and Ralph and Claire had fun on the beech. The car was being intermittently annoying.

Then, time to come home. Car progressively more annoying and developed new trick – refusing to go in to first at all, causing lights to dim when trying the switch off engine trick (when trying to start again in gear.)

Another round of taking it to the garage coming up.

Got home and there was a letter for Claire inviting her to the London Ambulance Assessment day, very soon too so not much time to learn map reading, brush up on maths , memorise infection control procedures and study highway code. (That’s only part of it !)

Got to go to work tomorrow but don’t work Fridays so got another long weekend to look forward to.
Never saw trainer again so left him some money for the day he did and cut ours losses.

Have risked putting some washing in the machine, hoping it does not heat too hot and spin like mad and ruing some more clothes like it did before we went away.

Have not met up with J yet, she’s off galivanting but spoke on ‘phone, she seems ok.
Week after next she’s on tour with her band, very exciting, it’s all happenning!

Now it’s time for bed. PS anyone know hoiw to do spell check here?

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  1. Hi. Hope your car and washing machine get better soon, and good luck to Claire!

  2. Thanks very much, I think the washing machine is feeling better but the poor car has had to go into hospital, nearly didn’t make it to the garage, thought it was going to arrest on the way!

    Well, we’ll see what transpires with it tomorrow.

  3. Good luck to clare (sorry, i linked to you from Laura, and twitter (I assume it was you they were talking about now ive read your blog!).


  4. Hope you eventually got the gun dog training done. If not recall training or an extendable lead might make things easier on you next time.

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