Car saga

Garage rang, car will not be ready until Tuesday! Well at least they’ve found something wrong this time.
Don’t really understand if it’s gear box or clutch (or both)!

Claire just gave me a hand to change my duvet, she has a very funny way of doing it which involves her diving in to the duvet cover and doing an impression of the Angel of the North!null She is going to do some ironing and get ready to resume work tomorrow, 6am – 6pm hospital portering.

My husband is snoring his head off in front of the television. Oh, he’s woken up and he’s eaten some mince pies.

Just met a friend’s dog- cross between a chiwawa and a miniature jack russell.Very sweet , but , well, is it a dog? (Mine is a Springer Spaniel so you can see the contrast).

I really need a tutorial in wordpress, would like to make this blog more interesting- yes, I know, I should write something more interesting then!

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  1. Blimey! Every time I come back it looks different! With regards to the duvet changing Claire’s technique is the one that I like to use too, I’m pleased I’m not the only one!

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