Somewhat bored

Got up reasonably early and took Ralph for a walk, bit drizzly but not too bad. We came home and he went back to bed with N so I fiddled about until about 11am when N got up. Then decided that i was tired so had a snooze , never mind hot desking, how about hot bedding? We’ve got no food in the house and neither of us can be bothered to go and buy any.

J appeared and went straight upstairs and is very quiet, so is, presumably, asleep. C is at work, I did see her briefly at about 4.45am before she went to work.

Got shouted at by my husband because I asked him about shopping and I complained about him leaving fat soaked water in washing up bowl which R started drinking. (Why can’t he use the dishwasher?) I hate being shouted at. N apologised, he really doesn’t seem to know what his shouting is like, he does it at work too, his staff are very tolerant. Thing is, he is a big bloke and quietly spoken so , when he shouts, it is a shock.

Finished off some chocolate. Will have to go food shopping tomorrow and buy some more suitable food. Trouble is, I really love fresh salad and veg but I am very lazy about preparing and cooking food. I don’t know if it is just laziness or whether I have a mental block about it somehow. My husband’s mother was a superb cook.

This is all a bit gloomy isn’t it, wonder if the weather has got anything to do with it, gloom, gloom!

Maybe I’ll try and see if I can put something on this blog, after all, I did manage to get the Ugly of the North (as it is known in this family) picture. My Russian Name Is…

Marisha Natyashenka Kozlov

Mmm, think I’ll stick with the old moniker thanks!

(Let’s see if that works.)

Curses, no it doesn’t! You see ,I figured out “image” but how to get this, I don’t know! I think it’s time to give up and go back to cuddling the dog.

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