Good blog/bad blog

I am trying to think what makes a good blog or a bad one. Is it somewhere where you should bare your soul or is it somewhere to chew the fat or pass the time of day? Maybe all of these.

This morning I was thinlking of writing what it’s like to be fat, no let’s be correct here, morbidly obese.Well, it’s really not fun. I’ll try not to winge ,sorry if it seems as if I am.

I wasn’t a fat baby, in fact I was a bit sickly and had to be encouraged to eat. (Later in life- much later- I was found to have lactose intolerance). So here was the first interference with my appetite. When I was about 4 a family moved in next door who sort of adopted me as a surrogate grandchild and showed their love by cooking me chips.

My generation, one of the first post war plenty of food generations, was encouraged to eat and not to leave anything on the plate. At one school I went to we were forced to eat all our food on our plates. I remember taking a bag to school so that I could sneak my date pudding into it and take it home and throw it away.

I have a sweet tooth, I admit it! I am short and non athletic. School destroyed any budding interest in exercise. Picture the scene, team picking. ” We don’t want her” , “We don’t want her either, we had her last week”, that does a lot for your confidence.

I wasn’t even that large at that stage although I thought I was. I would have like playing tennis if I could have played with my friend (she’s still my friend 40+ years later) but she was a good player so had to practice for the team. I had to play with someone even worse at tennis than I was so we just argued about whose turn it was to pick up the ball.

I did enjoy horse riding and still do. I don’t ever remember being light on my feet except in dreams.

So then the yo-yo dieting started. Doctors told me I was fat, diet, diet.

Lose 2 stone , put on 3. I lost weight when a doctor prescribed speed, it was allowed then, yes, prescibed.Ate less than 500 calories a day. I also lost weight (3 stone) when I was pregnant with my first child, due to being sick every day.

Weight Watchers, meal replacements, Slimming World you name it, I’ve done it. Hypnotism too.

Yes I know it’s my fault but it’s ME who carries round another whole person 24 hrs a day. It’s ME who has to buy clothes from Evans when I’d like to buy from Marks.

I used to belong to a health club and went to aquarobics, tried salsasize, bodystep and Pilates. Got out of the habit after injuring my foot. Wouldn’t mind doing Pilates again, hate the gym, hate getting hot and breathless- I can do that walking. I’ve already had a hip replacement , when I was 50 , and have arthritis in my back so can’t walk far but I take my dog out, I’m not totally sedentary.

I love good food, salads, vegetables, fruit but I don’t like cooking, not confident with I think and also not patient enough. I am a fish eating vegetarian, I know there’s a proper name for that, sorry.

I just hate the SMUG people who have never had a weight problem, who can stuff themselves full to the eyeballs with whatever food they like and wash it down with alcohol, who preach about GREEDY fat people. I’d love them to be able to try being fat. People don’t get up in the morning and think, I want to be fat, I’ll stuff my face all day! Such fun!

Yes, I know, it’s me who puts that food in my mouth, I am responsible. It’s just i think there must be something else to it, otherwise why are there so many fat people? Why do the people who are slimmer of the year put it all back on again and more? Do the magazines follow up those people? No. Dieting is BIG business, suck the suckers in, fleece them, mock them, then tell them they’ve got low self esteem!

Enough for now, would love comments, please not too many of the eat less, take more exercise- funnily enough I’ve heard that one….

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  1. Hello… my thoughts on what makes a good blog. I often thought about this, then gave up! Just write whatever you want, it’s your blog after all and if people don’t like it then they won’t read it will they! My blog is just a fun place where I post my random ramblings, if other people like it – great, if they don’t it doesn’t matter – it’s still mine!

  2. Hello!
    I was muscular and athletic at school, but was told i was “chunky” and “not all that pretty” by my then “friends” and their families. I listened to them, even though looking back I know now that i was actually rather skinny for my body type.
    Who needs enemies, right?
    I am now not really very close to my goal weight (but i HAVE a goal weight!)and i’ve never been to gym in my life. I ride horses every day – but not just a sack of potatoes kind of rider, i _work_ to ride properly – and I walk my dogs (and when i’m house sitting, those dogs too) every single morning except weekends (when i’m usually running up and down the arena at a show, taking photos). I am a fit, healthy, big girl. I will never be willowy and tall and skinny and i have come to accept that.
    Why am i telling you all this? I have no idea – perhaps just to say that as long as you are HEALTHY, be happy with yourself? We are lucky in that “role models” are starting to emerge who are bigger than the waifs and stick figures in the magazines from our youth and younger lives… just think of Beyonce’ and her bootiliciousness, Catherine Zeta-Jones (she’s not a small lady, and is proud of her curves).
    I’m not saying stop _trying_, but stop beating yourself up about it 🙂 You are who you are and if you know, in your heart of hearts, that that’s not going to change, then take a deep breath and a light step forward for yourself.

    wow i babbled. sorry!

  3. I was laughed at and picked on at school for my size, yet I’m still slightly overweight (BMI = 26 I think). I had all sport beaten out of me at school because I wasn’t good enough – thing was, I didn’t mind it if I wasn’t forced or laughed at or humiliated by a PE teacher with an attitude problem (do they learn that in university?). I’m now a qualified taekwon-do instructor (although I don’t teach it) and just starting to learn karate. I also cycle everywhere (when not falling in hedges). I’m still a size 14, and don’t think I’m ever destined to be much below a size 12, no matter how hard I try at weight watchers. I’m even a gold member after losing 3 stone, and i’m still not the shape I want to be. I’ve just learned to accept my curves….

  4. On the weight loss side of things, I too had tried so many things, including hypnosis. Then I stumbled across the Zen Of Thin program by Wendi Friesen who is the leading online hypnotist and I haven’t looked back. I am in no way affiliated with Wendi Friesen (they have an affilation program but I am not in any way part of that)…I just love how effective her programs are. I must love her stuff given the cost for postage to Australia (lol). I have since bought her Do It Now program for procrastination and downloaded a number of others. Maybe Zen Of Thin is worth a try…I found it to be comprehensive and it’s effect on my eating habits was immediate.

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