Day Off

Went for a nice ride this morning, just a walk round the block with Claire on her pony, me on mine and my friend , who is 20 wks pregnant on her horse. It’s the first time I’ve ridden my dear old Apache without her wearing any shoes and she seemed perfectly comfortable which is marvellous as it is easier to look after her feet and it’s cheaper too.

After that we fiddled about up the yard for a while then we took Ralph out for a walk. He met a big dog who looked like both his front paws were bandaged but it was just his white markings. They had a play but we didn’t have any discourse with his owner because she seemed intent on walking round the field very fast with her head down.

Came home and had lunch and Claire did a bit of revision, then off to the farm shop for some goodies, to the reptile shop for some crickets and then (joy!) I got my car back.

Jen is fast asleep on the sofa having been to college. She’s got a cold which is a very common occurence for her, ever since she was a baby. Still better now than next week when she starts her tour with her band, Farewell Finito.

Ralph has just been sick (twice), think I may have given him his food too soon after his walk. Hope that’s all it was. Nice of him to do it outside and nicer still of Claire to clean it up. If she doesn’t get a job in the ambulance service it’ll be their loss if you asked me, yeah, I know, I’m her mum but I’ve also been a nurse for 30 years and I know she would be good.

My husband has had to work all day today which is a bit much for him these days. Hope he hasn’t shouted at anyone. I’ll have to go and cook dinner so it’s ready when he comes in . A poor impersonation of a good wifey!

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