Fed Up

For no apparent reason I am fed up this morning. not helped by the weather, i reckon we all get a bit of SAD when we don’t see the sun for a while so maybe tht’s all it is. You know how it is though, when you feel fed up everything irritates you. I live in a nice house but it is drowning in clutter, mostly not mine, and is in sore need of redecoration but I have always agreed that my husband should be in charge of finances and that means spendng decisions because I am crap at sums and he’s very good.

I’m incapable of doing any decorating myself, so is he ,so it’s pay for it or don’t get anything done. He’s retiring soon and wants to make sure all finances are secure first.

I have two lovely daughers but they are both very untidy, although I know they’d rather not be and I never go upstairs to their rooms because it would be too distressing , how pathetic is that?

My husband loves high cholesterol food ,despite being a GP he does all the wrong things healthwise and I sometimes wonder how much of his retirement he’s going to get to enjoy. Being selfish I wonder what will become of me , the girls will leave the nest, he’ll have a stroke or a heart attack…..

Oh, sorry this is ridiculous , get a grip woman, go and have some caffeine and some breakfast!

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