Off we went with our RAC route , big mistake that was. Interesting journey via Hyde Park Corner and Hyde Park Corner (this looks familiar), you get the gist- lost.

Do you expect a Christmas tree to come flying accross the road? No? We didn’t either. Claire did a very good emergency stop, not appreciated by the driver of a large lorry behind us. Then she got out and put the tree back on the pavement, hopefully more securely than before.

Another part of the adventure was going up Oxford Street (buses and taxis only) – no escape as side roads no left turn. Funnily enough, no one took any notice!

I had planned to look up a route on my ‘phone but Mapway wasn’t playing.

Oh look, the Houses of Parliament, Regents Park, don’t think that’s right. I knew I wanted to get to the embankment. In the end my niece’s husband came to the rescue with directions and then we were up ,up and away over the river and we stopped at a garage and bought a map.Good idea eh?

With a slight deviation to the A11 and back where we had been we finally found he LAS in Bow , half an hour early.

Claire went in and I set off ot visit Laura, yes the Laura! A few phone calls and directions later, Laura appeared in the street to wave me in!
Had a lovely cup of coffee and a lovely chat.It was so nice of her to have me round when she had just finished nights, really much appreciated.

Following Laura’s directions, well obvioulsy NOT , I ended up in Algate.Ok so a little out of the way but I did manage to find my way back to Claire. She seemed reasonably pleased with the test ,it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be but it depends on the pass mark which they wouldn’t divulge, no idea why. She may get a letter tomorrow, please let it be good news!

Time to go home. I only got tooted at once . We somehow ended up at Hyde park Corner (where I was born when St George’s Hospital was still there), the car seems to have a magnetic attraction for it.

Rest of the journey uneventful. Stopped to collect a curry and finally home. A long day for the Country Bumpkins!

Thanks again , Laura!

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