Aha , have now got it sorted, thanks to someone who’s name I’ve forgotten. It’s very reassuring to see some familiar symbols.

Well what’s been happening today? As usual, the early morning walk with Ralph. Very windy, very dark but mild. Couldn’t see where I was going because of the dark and because my hair was blowing in my face. It was also lovely and muddy.

Off to work in the murk. Plenty of traffic , what fun!

Arrived at work to find my friend ( the one who will shortly be bladderless) had come in to work to finish off a job she was doing . ( She goes in to hospital at the weekend.)

Reluctantly I started to work, having had a nice cup of coffee.

A few blood tests, ‘flu jabs (yes, still doing them, it’s never been dragged out this long before). Some dressings, travel injections, an asthma check , triaging house call requests and then, joy of joys, a minor op assisting my dear boss who decided to be right grumpy and have a ago at me because I’m not tall enough to reach a light switch and he thought I should have had everything ready for him because he is so damned important because he is a DOCTOR and he’s the only one who is busy and grrr.

Meanwhile , the patient and his wife , who are really nice people looked rather surprised. When the old man had left the room they sort of said was he always like that and I said yes! They said but you are always so cheerful and I said I have to be.

Then got stuck in to a lot of putting stuff on the computer and stayed an hour late at work. Ralph was pleased to see me when I got home.

I do feel a bit disloyal bleating on about my dear husband but he is winding me up at the moment and it’s nice to let off steam.

We’ve decided to go away for the weekend but even that’s causing aggro because we invited Claire’s boyfriend and he’s being a pain in the arse and now she’s upset!

Jen is well out of it, hopefully she’s in Glasgow by now, I haven’t heard from her, I hope she’s ok and I hope the gig is great, good luck Farewell Finito!

I think we are going to go to the pub for a meal and a few drinks so we can calm down. We wanted to celebrate because Claire got the letter today to say she’s through to the next stage (interview)with LAS. She’s delighted, so am I . Her Dad is pleased but he hasn’t told her that yet, I expect he will when we go to the pub , he’ll have had a couple of beers by then and he’ll be more amenable.

I like this Firefox, it’s making life easier, maybe I’ll be able to get more adventurous with this blog, you never know! Thanks to twitter people for support and friendship.

Good old Regina she cheers me up.

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