Weekend in Gloucestershire

We decided to go away for the weekend to sunny Gloucestershire.This meant that Claire and I had to go shopping first as she wanted something nice ( and clean!) to wear.

We set off and travelled down ok despite strong winds and torrential rain. We were heading for the hotel where N and I went for our (weekend) honeymoon.

Seem to remember the weather was similar then, 25 years ago. I think we were in my old chevette (shove -it) and it was festooned with just married stuff. We parked round the corner because we had stayed there before and we were embarrassed because you weren’t supposed to do that sort of thing in those days!

The hotel hasn’t changed a great deal, some more rooms have been built and a servery/help yourself area has stolen a bit of the lounge which is a shame. The waitresses, although pleasant are not as efficient and before .

Claire had a room on the first floor which wasn’t very comfortable. We had a nice room outside in the old coachhouse which was nice except for the bath which was very narrow and had one of those shower screens which meant you had to climb in to the bath to turn the taps on. the shower had rather a limp stream of water but it was ok.

On Saturday we set off to drive about in the intermittent rain and we came across a posse of cyclists, loads of them. We fiddled around at some old docks by the Severn and we found a very interesting place ( National Trust) where Claire and Ralph were able to go adventuring. I did attempt to walk a little way with them but I fell off a small wall , despite having my walking stick and my husband to help me. It was a low wall and I fell over backwards on to grass and got a severe attack of the giggles. We went and sat in the car to wait and I got more giggles because I thought of Humpty Dumpty.

We were beginning to worry that Claire was having trouble catching Ralph but they were just having fun and they reappeared looking very happy and Ralph let Claire catch him.

We were about 50 miles from the hotel by this time which meant that we didn’t have much time in the bar before dinner. Ralph had beenin there with us the night before and had had lots of cuddles with people.

We were in touch with Jenny, she had played in Glasgow and Manchester and Nottingham and was on her way to Bristol to play on a boat. Sounds as if she is really enjoying herself. Claire and I are going to Brighton tomorrow to see her play and to give her a lift home so that she can go to college on Tuesday, do an exam, and then drive herself to London for the final gig of the tour. I think she may be rather tired!

So off we went on our journey home via the Cotswolds (Codger World as the girls used to call it.) All of a sudden we passed a flower bed in a village that was full of daffodils in full bloom! We had already seen lots of snowdrops but daffodils ? Didn’t see anymore and started to wonder if it was a hoax of golden daffodils but no, all three of us saw them and they looked real. Bizarre.

We also saw lots of red kites, one flying quite low, superb. The thermals must have been good, certainly the weather was much better.

We pottered along quite happily with a stop at a preserved railway, no trains running till March.

On the way through Abingdon we had a running commentary from Claire . She took her C1 driving test there last year. She showed us the bus stop where the lorry broke down in the middle of her test and where she had to wait two hours before someone came to mend it. The test was abandoned but she took it again next day and passed.

We drove past lots of places where the rivers had broken their banks. We went to a farm shop and Ralph and I walked round the car park while Claire and her Dad went and bought nice stuff.

Got home , greeted by the cats and the guinea pig. Claire and I went to Pets at Home and I got Ralph a snazzy new lead which is shock absorbing, well if you met Ralph you’d know why that seemed like a good idea.

On the way back from there we passed our local security shop which had a boarded up window which didn’t look like a good advertisement.

Took the car through the car wash and then home for some delicious pasta and quorn mince bolognese cooked by Claire. She has now retreated to the bath and she may be sometime…… (she likes to lie in the bath and read for ages).

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