An ordinary Saturday

Wasn’t planning on getting up too early but Ralph had other ideas. Having had a jolly good bark at the paper man he decided that we should wake up. This means that he licks and mouths me and kicks out at his “dad”. It’s a very effective technique.

So we were up and doing. Claire had stayed home instead of going to her boyfriend’s and she was persuaded out of bed by the lure of a cooked breakfast.

My friend came round to do some jobs for us. He fitted a new pump in the water feature (which ralph likes to drink from). He also cut up the large branch which had fallen down in the back garden and used bits of it to fill up the holes in the churchyard boundary which Ralph had been using to get into the next door’s garden. I thought that was very affective recycling!

Meanwhile, Claire was in the bath. When she says she is going to have a bath you know you won’t see her for some time, today it was about 3 hours! Jen appeared home from her friend’s house and said she would like to go food shopping with us . Claire and I took Ralph for a walk,climbing round and under bits of fallen branches.

Then Jen had a bath! Grrr. So Claire and I went round to my sister’s until Jen was ready and then all four of us headed off to Sainsbury’s to do a “big” and expensive shop.

Came home and cooked and ate dinner. J is trying out being a vegan at the moment. She’s tried being a vegetarian before. She’s heard that going without daiary products is good for your vocal cords.

Claire has gone to see her boyfriend now and Jen’s gone out so it’s quiet.

Claire says she’s going to do some tidying tomorrow, we’ll wait and see……..

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