Frustration over the linking

<a href=”>random reality</a>” is the link I’ve been trying to make to the one and only (drum roll) Mr T Reynolds star of stage and screen . Thanks again to Laura <a href=”; Laura’s blog</a>” for her patience and her nice way of putting things.

It still doesn’t appear to be working despite copying and pasting what Laura showed me. HTML – Highly Technical Maddening Lingo !!

I forgot to mention that on Tuesday I did a market research session for which I was paid. I’ve done them before and I must admit I really enjoy them and getting paid is really nice too!

Well, the car saga.

Jenny’s car will be sorted at £500 plus VAT- mind you she has done about 20,000 miles in it in one year.

Claire’s car is terminal. Now the fun begins trying to buy her a new (ish)one so I can have mine back! Rather a busy but varied morning ending with a minor op. The idea was that my husband would snip off a skin tag from a lady’s leg. He had given her some EMLA cream to put on an hour before. This cream has to be covered up and left on, then it is cleaned off and it numbs the skin a bit. So he cleaned the skin with some iodine and the tag came off! This is not the first time that that has happened, maybe Nige should write a paper about it.

Come to think of it, I never had any EMLA cream when he chopped off a large skin tag from my leg. Also, I had to act as scrub nurse as well as patient so I had to jump off the bed and fetch things.I had 3 sutures. It was quite funny really!

Got to go to Windsor tonight for my friend’s birthday meal. Don’t think we’ll stay long as it doesn’t start till 8.30pm and Claire’s got to get up before 5am. It makes me feel when I get up to talk to her and go back to bed again for an hour or so, no wonder she is knackered when she comes in. Being a hospital porter is a very physical occupation.

Ralph went out with a new friend and another dog today. Really missed him!

Haven’t got my friend a card or a present yet, due to not having my car. Maybe I’ll be able to get her something in Sainsburys’ on the way . Also must drop the rent off at the yard.

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