By Jove I think she’s got it!

Well ,children, lets carry on from where we left off yesterday shall we? Here’s how we link to that well known ambulance person by the name of Mr Tom…. are you ready? Random Acts of Reality

Oh no, is this really it? I think I’ve done it at last and you know what? It seems that what you have to do is press code first and then press link and then a little boxy comes up saying fill me in with the address and you do and hey presto it works!

Now , just to prove it is not a fluke I will give you a link to the lovely Laura Laura’s Blog

So that’s it, I can stop stressing and pissing everyone off about links.

Took Ralph to the river this morning and he now has some extra markings on his face (mud) . A man came along walking a dog on a lead and Ralph went up to say hello to the dog but the man said imperiously “Leave, Leave! ” which I thought was quite funny. Ralph just turned tail and went back to the river.

Earlier I took him up the yard to pay my rent and he met a nice man who is one of the team renovating the old stables. He was wearing knee pads, something Ralph hasn’t encountered before and which  he found rather puzzling. They’re doing a great job, they’ve redone the tiled roof and they’re repointing all the bricks.

Claire’s car is back,the garage dropped it home. A car man is bringing a Golf over today after she finishes work . It’s an X reg with 29,000 on the clock , one owner and full service history so hopefully that will suit. Obviously we’ll have to look at it in the daytime and he’ll look at Claire’s but we’ll see anyway.

We went to Windsor, had quite a nice meal in a Thai Restaurant which was heaving! The food was nice and the service was efficient but they forgot the puddings and they rather chucked the menu at us. When we left it seemed as if all the staff (loads of them )all left at the same time and no-0ne said goodbye.

We sat near a guy who , after about half an hour, said “You really don’t remember me at all do you? ” Correct, I didn’t! Well he’s got glasses now and I thought my friend had introduced him as Callum when he’s called Adam, oh well it’s just senility!

Got to go and get Jenny’s car now, we’ll be a three car family + a dead one again.

I hope Claire isn’t too knackered as she can only have had about 4 hours sleep.

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