New Car, Lurgy, Snow

On Monday Claire was ill with a nasty bug, proper poorly she was so it was a good thing that the car was’t ready for her to collect.

She was a bit better on Tuesday and after a bit of stressing when she couldn’t find the old car log book (because she thought it was a book) we went to collect the car. It’s very nice and she’s plesed with it. We went and got some more antibiotics for Louey.Metronidazole this time (the one’s you can’t drink alcohol with). He’s still not eating, I don’t know how long he can go on like this although he seems quite perky. He’s having som stuff called reptoboost in water, maybe that has some nutrients in it.

We went and got a curry and it was very nice. Claire and her boyfriend went back to his house and then he got struck down by the lurgy and Claire looked after him.

I had a visitor at work yesterday. An Emergency Care Practitioner who I “met” on the ‘phone last year came in to observe the morning surgery and baby clinic as one of her placements.

An ECP is an ambulance person who is either a paramedic or an emergency medical technician with four years experience. After even more training , they are sent to patients in a car and they can treat minor injuries and illnesses in the patient’s home instead of taking them to hospital. The job is fairly new, about 3 years I think.

It’s not a bad idea in principle but the difficulty is that the dispatchers have a very short time in which to decide who goes where. Patients tend to either exaggerate or play down their symptoms and it is often not at all easy to know if they are ill or not without seeing them. This is where telephone triage can run into problems. At work it is one of my jobs to “vet” the house call requests and that is difficult enough and I have time to ask quite a lot of questions and probably know the patient anyway.

When someone is really ill, they’ve only got to stand in the consulting room doorway for the doctor or nurse to see that they are poorly. This is why my husband will not give telephone advice.

So today we had some snow and the country went bonkers -well the South and the Midlands anyway (and a supermarket in Merthyr ran out of milk and bread because of panic buying). When we go to the North East and it snows , the snow ploughs come out and it’s sorted.

Anyway, Ralph liked it and so did the girls who went off to play like little children and really enjoyed it.

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