Can old ponies learn new tricks?

I am lucky enough to be able to afford to pay friends to look after my ponies. I can’t muck out any longer because of my back and general decrepitude and Claire can’t do the work everyday because of her long hours. At the moment , I have two friends who look after the girls, week on week off and it’s a great relief to me.

Yesterday my friend rang me and said that Celeste, who is 30+ years old, had ripped her outdoor rug. When I went up to the yard I saw for myself the good job she had made of it. A nice big rip along one side with stuffing coming out and shavings going in. Apache also had a small tear in her rug. We have recently had the paddocks divided up so there are some new fittings on the fences. I’m hoping that there isn’t some demon sharp something or other lurking out there waiting to attack more rugs. I also hope that Celeste hasn’t decided that rug ripping is fun.

We kitted Celeste up in a lighter weight rug with a thin one underneath. The thin one is a bit big and it looks like a droopy pair of drawers. Anyway at least she was warm and dry.

Yesterday Jen set off for a college photography trip to Venice. It’s the first time she’s been abroad. I expect that is unusual for a 19 year old these days. My husband has never flown and has no intention of ever doing so. I haven’t flown for 30 years ! We went and got euros and batteries and black and white film for one camera, (the other is digital). Apparently college has made arrangements to take developing equipment.

Jen doesn’t really know anyone on the trip so she’s taken books and 2 ipods . The other people on the trip are mostly a couple of years younger than her so she’ll probably go her own way or spend time with the lecturers.

Claire and I took her to Henley to get the coach. I have no idea how long the journey is, I hope it’s ok.

We then carried on to Peppard to a horsey shop to purchase a new rug for Celeste. She’s now got a lovely royal blue one with a nice neck cover to keep her neck clean and warm and dry. We left the other rug for cleaning and repair. All together rather a an expensive outing but we always used to say “Only the best for Celeste”.

After that Claire had to head off for work after a cold shower to wake herself up. Changing shifts from nights to days off to days to days off is quite hard for your body to adapt to.

On Friday I took Ralph to the groomer and she trimmed his ears so I can’t run my fingers through his curly hair anymore. He looks smart but I think I prefer them as they were. The idea was to avoid them getting matted up which they tend to do. the groomer always puts a little ribbon bow on the dogs’ collars when she’s done them, quite sweet really.

When I took him out for a walk in the rain yesterday , the rain seemed to reactivate the smell of the shampoo. I wondered if was relieved that he didn’t meet any other dogs as his doggy image might have tarnished!

Isn’t great, England have beaten Australia in the one day- ers! Amazing really as England have been rather crap at one day cricket for some time now.

It seems funny with no Jen till next Saturday but at least we should have more cutlery, crockery and clean towels available…

Now here’s a question. does anyone else have a black cat who always chooses something black to lie on? Sometimes Sooty (yeah, I know, very original) is so well camouflaged that you don’t notice her until she opens her beautiful green eyes.

We’re so lucky we have such lovely animals to share our lives with- yuck that sounds awful -but you know what I mean I’m sure!

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