Hole in the road,valentine’s surprise

A few days ago I saw there was a hole in the M4. Later on the traffic reports were telling us that said hold was being filled in.

(It might have been yesterday, I don’t remember!)

Today I got on to the motorway and then heard the traffic report.Busy from 10 to 6 , a lane closed because of the hole.So I got into the outside lane, expecting the middle one to be closed. No, it was the inside lane which had a few cones in a sort of ellipse and a massive flashing arrow which appeared to be pointing to the hole which seemed to have been filled in. Don’t know what that was all about!

Came home from work to find that my husband had bought me some roses and a nice card! Quite taken aback I must say, he’s not romantic .I’m not complaining though.

This morning I took Ralph for a walk  in the rain. It’s Nigel’s day off so he was still in bed. After I left for work ,Nige got up to go to the loo and Ralph jumped on the bed and had a good roll and got mud everywhere. No lie in for Nigel and yet he still went to get me flowers!

I don’t think I’d like to be one of those women who has a man walking around being all worshipping mind you.

I’m still struggling with links, my latest problem is that I put the link on but when I type who it is the text comes out in blue as it is supposed to but it also underlines and won’t stop making everything blue and underlining. I was going to suggest you look at Laura’s blog to see the quote from Kahil Gibran but you’ll just have to go via your own link folks sorry! My great friend I trained with used to rave about The Prophet, I don’t think I ever read it.

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