Feeling somewhat negative these last few days and I’m wondering what category I’d put myself in. Depressed? Bored? Lazy? All of these?

I have taken antidepressants for several years now and if I stop them I do seem to get quite down, crying over stupid things . I haven’t stopped them at the moment and I can’t say I’m feeling really depressed but I am lacking motivation and everything seems to be a big effort. I think it’s a touch of <ahref  SAD

What would be an interesting discussion ,I think, is where are the boundaries between laziness, depression, lack of motivation? I am lazy, I know that.

Anyway a bit of a catch up. See the photo of a skeleton? That’s the one Ralph has found again and he’s been having a munch on it. Do you reckon it’s a squirrel?I think it is. Sorry if you’re squeamish!

Jenny has left Farewell Finito.

She had a fab time in Italy, despite two 22hr coach journeys to get there. She found she did have some friends going so it was really nice and she’s taken some lovely photos.

Claire’s been working really hard as usual. I wish LAS had some money so she could have her interview before April.

I’m typing this on my Dell laptop – Jenny’s comandeered the Mac!

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  1. very nice dear

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