A student nurse from long ago

My niece sent me this photo and I didn’t realise it was me, I should have known by the knock knees! My reaction was it couldn’t be me as the person in the picture isn’t fat. I certainly thought I was fat then, I was probably about 10 1/2st. Obviously that was fat compared to my contemporaries but it wouldn’t be considered that bad these days.

I have often wondered if video would be a good therapy for some conditions. I’m thinking of alcoholism, anorexia and maybe obesity. Anorexics think they are fat, alcoholics don’t think they are drunks and obese people like me manage to ignore it when not confronted by photographs of themselves,(or clothes getting too tight.)

Of course I’ve said before that I’m not sure obesity is simply too much food, too little exercise and it makes me very cross when I read about very obese people eating vast amounts of food as that is unusual and gives everyone the excuse to cry “Greed”.

I once went to a talk about alcoholism and the affect it has on the family. One of the examples given was of a man living with his parents who would stagger home and collapse in the doorway. His parents would clean him up and put him to bed. WRONG because how could he appreciate how low he’s sunk if he woke up all clean and tidy and tucked up in bed. This phenomena was compared to being on a boat in a rough sea in which one person stands up and rocks the boat and everyone else has to move to maintain the stability.

I’m thinking about last night’s panorama which I think was a missed opportunity.The idea was to show how NHS staff are subjected to insult and injury.The 1/2hr programme mainly consisted of clips of CTTV showing violent patients. The programme also devoted a lot of time to the case of a nurse who had been stabbed in the finger by a syringe wielding diabetic. She seemed to have had two years off and was pursuing a case through the courts. Her case was eventually thrown out. I think this was because the patient was diabetic which is fair enough if their aggression was caused by them being hypoglycaemic. Anyway it seemed an undue amount of attention was focused on her in a short programme.

I think it would make more sense just to film in an A&E on a Saturday night, I’m sure there would be plenty of examples of abusive and violent behaviour.

My next thought is this. How about everyone being filmed in A&E and if they’ve behaved badly, the video is sent to them afterwards?
The time will come when patients will have to be refused treatment unless they can be civil. Because we as NHS staff always have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, because they are scared or ill and because we are worried about litigation,(some of us less than others!)we allow patients to get away with anti-social behaviour and then they have less respect for us.

I think there has been a great decline in the standard of behaviour in this country in the last ten or maybe five years. A lot of this is drug and drink related and it’s just bloody sad.

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  1. Aye, still better than nothing – but then you could make a 20 part series quite easily.

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