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On Friday Claire and I rather randomly went to get our eyebrows threaded. We had seen this done when The Salon used to be on Channel Four. It involves a piece of cotton thread which is twisted and pulled sharply, yes sharply, over your facial hairy bits, ripping the hairs out at the roots. The beautician was an asian girl who struck me as being a bit “hard sell”, going on about how often this procedure should be carried out. On the spur of the moment, (I’m a bit like that),I decided to have my eyebrows tinted.

The young lady asked me if I had been there before and I said no so then she she said “it’s your first time then”. This is rather akin to when you say to a shop assistant “would you like the 2p?” or what ever the odd money is and they say, “yes please, if you’ve got it”. Anyway, back to the eyebrows. Once finished , (it took no time at all),I was given a mirror. What a sight for sore eyes – literally-bright red skin from the threading with dark eyebrows with gaps in. I politely pointed out the gaps and was told that my eyebrow hair was fair one end and darker the other.Mmm, would have thought that should have been noted in the first place. Still she slapped a bit more tint on. Claire then had her eyebrows done and they looked nice and she wasn’t red skinned.(She didn’t have the tinting.)

These eyebrows of mine are now known as “asian eyebrows”. In this day and age I’ve had to think twice about this terminology for fear of being branded a racist. This whole racist thing is getting way out of hand. Certainly racial discrimination is wrong but it is time we realised that we are probably all racist in that we are aware of differences between one race and another.Shapes of faces, colour of skin, type of hair, shape of body. I can remember smiling broadly at black people on buses back in the sixties because I didn’t want them to think I didn’t like them but that meant I was thinking about them in a different way because of skin colour.

Having got the bug for facial treatments we went to another beauticians and Claire had an hour’s facial treatment which she really enjoyed. I nearly burst out laughing though when the beautician said to her “have you been here before?” – you guessed- “So it’s your first time then”. I think I’ll book for one of those treatments though, it did look relaxing. It involved a metal roller gadget, some metal balls, a lit up thingy, various creams and a muslin cloth.

After that we went to Zizi’s in Windsor where I had a very nice seafood pasta dish which I always have at Zizi’s. We shared a bottle of Italian lager which was very tasty and we watched the world go by. Next stop the podiatrist/chiropodist.

The chiropodist was one we hadn’t been to before. Claire being on her feet for 12 hours at a time, walking miles around the hospital,has been suffering from sore feet and aches and pains in her knees. I picked a chiropodist out on the internet and made an appointment for 5pm. We found the house at five to and went and knocked. The door opened and a lady came out saying that she had just left us an answerphone message because we were late. We pointed out that we were, in fact,early. She then realised that it wasn’t six o’clock as she had thought.

She took lots of dry skin off the balls of Claire’s feet and told her that she’s flat footed and needs insoles but they are very expensive so we need to look into NHS provision. It would make sense for NHS staff to have podiatry at work. Yes, I know, no money. The podiatrist was very friendly and was interested in a lot of alternative therapies and in spiritual things.

On Saturday I took Ralph for a walk and managed to catch him quite easily probably because he’d got a stick caught in his harness. Claire and I then went for a lovely ride on a route she hadn’t been on before. Before we went we groomed the ponies and Claire found a place on Celeste’s back which, when scratched, made Celeste lift her head up and open her mouth as if she was saying ” yes, just there, that’s the spot , mm ,lovely!” It was a beautiful day for a ride and we really enjoyed it.

In the afternoon we went down to the town and I went back to the opticians and had a moan about the fact that my new glasses were uncomfortable and didn’t help with distance vision. After various checks I was given another check over with the optician who agreed that the left lens was wrong and the frames were unsuitable. Hooray! I got to choose another pair of frames which are much lighter and wider at the bridge. I don’t think my sister or Claire were very impressed so they went off and did some shopping while I got the glasses sorted out. I’m really looking forward to getting them.

Ralph had great fun this morning playing with his dog friends whilst the “owners” (not sure I like that term) had a very good chinwag.

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