My husband decided to retire in July some time ago and he said I could decide whether I wanted to stay on or not. I thought maybe I’d reduce my hours down to three days and then pack up before next winter. I didn’t really want to stop work altogether because being a nurse is part of who I am. I kept asking him if he wanted me to retire and he kept saying it was up to me and he didn’t mind.The other day he went out for a drink with an old friend and the next day he asked me if I’d made up my mind and I asked him again what he wanted me to do and he said he wanted me to retire too. So I said ok. After all, he is not a healthy man and you never know what’s round the corner.

Once the decision was made , I felt much better about it and proceeded to have a really good weekend. On Friday I went for a ride with my friend and in the evening I went to see The Arcade Fire at the Brixton Academy with Jenny. I’m proud to say I drove there and back. We were very lucky because there was a disabled bay right opposite. I was treated like royalty, escorted to the “disabled platform” which I shared with a lady who is expecting twins, her husband and a very disabled man and his carer.

The gig was very good, I wasn’t very impressed by the support act, so much so that I can’t even remember their name. I felt they lacked charisma, their songs were all similar and they didn’t seem to rise to the occasion. If you can’t show some enthusiasm in those circumstances when the hell can you?

One of the cats has just brought in a mouse, made her “I’ve got something”noise whereupon Ralph decided he should relieve her of her prize and now refuses to part with it. At least the poor creature is dead. Ralph has no idea how daft he looks with it’s tail hanging out of the side of his mouth and a silly expression on his face. He didn’t even catch it so I don’t know what he’s so proud about!

Now I should say that I very rarely venture into London even though I only live 25 miles away. So it’s quite surprising that I went to London again on Saturday. My husband went on a steam train to Carlisle, Jenny was off to a gig so Claire and I went to support the junior doctors in London . Excellent! They had a speaker from the lib dems and , guess who? David Cameron! No one from the labour party, they might have been lynched – politely of course.Remedy Uk is the organisation behind the protests which were held in London and Glasgow(where a march was not permitted). I’m glad I supported them.

We turned into Lincoln’s Inn where a police van was parked but not blocking the road. The policeman tooted his horn, we opened our window to show him my disabled badge but he said there were too many people to allow us to drive down there and told us to reverse onto a really busy road. Then he said we could proceed (thought I’d throw in that well know police term, can’t actually remember if that’s what he said) a little way and turn round but we proceeded a little bit further and asked another policeman and he not only allowed us to park but opened my door and offered to help me out of the car! So we were slap bang in the thick of things. We were wearing scrubs as per instructions, even little babies were wearing modified versions! It was a very well organised and totally peaceful demonstration and I think it’s just a beginning.

We then wandered about a bit(slowly)in Soho/China Town and had a lovely lunch but when we went back to the car it had a ticket on  which stated that we were parked in a  disabled bay without displaying a badge. (Only if the traffic warden was blind.) I have therefore sent an email appealing against this fine. If congestion charging can be waved for me (once they’ve got photocopy of my passport and my disabled badge and £10) I don’t see why I can’t park in a disabled parking place!

Undaunted we went for a drive and ended up parked in another disabled bay outside Peter Jones where we didn’t come back to a ticket. I hobbled down The Kings Road realising that , yes , I am disabled, albeit it not greatly but enough thanks. Just because I can still ride (using a mounting block to get on an off) doesn’t mean I’m not.I can no longer look after my pony myself and I can’t walk far, even less without a stick and standing is painful. I’m even going to go to a pain clinic and yet I still sometimes feel as if I’m cheating. Claire , however, thinks it would be easier if she pushed me in a wheelchair.

We decided to visit Tiffanys and found it rather disappointing, well it didn’t make us drool anyway! We went to Fat Face at 6.55, they shut at 7 but they let Claire take her time choosing some clothes and we ended up leaving at 7.30 . Lovely girls, thanks!

Had a coffee and pastry at Paul’s, yum! Then headed home and went for a drink with friends. It seems I dropped my purse in the gutter (not that much wine honest, but 2 fags even though I don’t smoke!) and  I didn’t even realise until our Rector rang me in the morning to say it had been handed in , wet but with nothing missing.How lovely is that?

Today is the first day of a week’s holiday for me, my husband and Claire (Jen is at college but don’t feel  too sorry for her she’s going to Athens very soon!). Claire and I ended up being shown round the  most beautiful (and expensive) health club which we are seriously considering joining. We used to belong to a rather tatty and somewhat chaotic club and really fancy something extra special to get us back into exercising. There’s a lovely pool I could wallow around in and pilates classes aren’t extra. The gym doesn’t look too threatening as gyms go. We’ve got to work out if we can afford it, there’s a good deal on at the moment. As Claire said, if you aren’t motivated there, you won’t be so anywhere.

Tomorrow we’re off for a bit of a break in Wales and Somerset, that’s why the weather’s changed.

In case you’re wondering , Ralph eventually surrendered the mouse.

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