Is it too late to save the NHS?

I’m feeling very fed up. Claire finally got to go out on a ride along with LAS yesterday and she thoroughly enjoyed it, making her still more keen on joining. Great you might think but no. It looks like there isn’t going to be any training in the foreseeable future. If you want to know more bout this, no one will explain it better than Tom Reynolds who blogged about this on 22nd March.

Here we have a 21 year old girl who has been trying to join the ambulance service for getting on for two years. She’s gained a lorry driving qualification, a St John’s first aid in the workplace qualification, has worked as a hospital porter for nearly a year and passed the assessment for LAS in January. Now she doesn’t even know if she’ll ever get an interview which is the next stage of the process. No one has contacted her. She’s rung recruitment a couple of times , it’s not their fault, they don’t know what’s going on either. They just say ring again in the middle of April. Their website still show vacancies.

So there you have it, 21 years old and wishing to pursue a career which is vocational, poorly paid and in which you get verbally and sometimes physically abused and poorly paid. Made to feel useless. Thanks , dear Government.

I mentioned before that she and I went to the Remedy UK march a couple of weeks ago. I’m truly hoping that this whole movement will grow and that NHS staff will make a stand and, ideally, bring down this government which I’m proud to say, I never voted for.

I could write a long list of things that are wrong with the NHS but anyone who works in it (apart from contractors, management consultants, hangers -on and spies who spy on the spies who check if targets are being met) will know what I mean. Targets! Utter, utter nonsense. Sadly no one seems to give a toss unless it affects them personally and then they bleat.The public’s expectations rise as the service declines.

Well, on a lighter note , Jen has gone off to Greece and is flying for the first time in her life at age 19. Hope she has a wonderful time, the college have organised an amazing agenda. She’s also got accepted to the University she wants ,to do film studies.

Claire and I have joined the most beautiful club in Stoke Poges and I have done two aquarobics classes already. I think it will be a bolt hole for me when I retire.

Finally, another moan. The ‘phone rang a little while ago, a “message” something along the lines of “there’s an important message for you from Simon…” Thinking it might be about Jen because I think one of her lecturers is called Simon,I dialled the number. Oh no, it was some company who fight bank charges for you, yet another con. That’s when my husband and I started talking about moving away from England which is no longer a lovely country but we’re too old and stiff in the joints to go anywhere realistically so will just have to stay and grumble!

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  1. Bummer re: Claire and LAS – I’m really sorry to hear the trouble she;s having getting on board. 2 years ago, I actually (after mucho hounding) got accepted onto a Direct Entry paramedic course with Lincs Ambulance but it was postponed, postponed again, and again, and once again.. !

    The course never happened. 12 months passed and I recieved a letter saying I would have to re-apply next time there were vacancies and would get a priority interview.

    The vacancies never happened… and then EMAS swallowed up Lincs.

    God only knows where I stand now – my perception of the NHS is now more skewed than ever and despite my wanting to do the job, I’m now nicely settled in a 9-5 Monday to Saturday job that doesn’t require being puked on by drunks, night shifts, idiot drivers etc. etc.

    I just don’t know what I want any more and am sad that I feel like that. I’m also sad the the NHS seems to manage to waste people with the talent, ambition, enthusiasm and dedication to succeed in the Ambulance Service (in fact most NHS careers !)


  2. What a bloody shame! I’ll tell C she is not alone

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