Scary expereince

I was listening to the radio yesterday and I heard that a ship had run aground near Santorini. I rang Jenny’s college and sure enough it was the ship she was on but everyone was safely off. (Today it transpires that a man and his daughter are missing.)

A little later I was able to speak to Jen, she was in good spirits but told me all she had was her camera, phone and purse and that she had been on the top deck taking photographs.

Later still she rang again and said that all the lifeboats had been full and she had had to go down through the ship in the dark and get off by walking across a palet on to another boat. She thought the ship was going to be towed to Egypt and she wouldn’t get her belongings (including passport)for a couple of weeks.

Then she rang again, more upset, she said the ship was sinking lower in the water and she was going to lose college work (her A levels are in a few weeks) and how could she get the work done now. She was upset, I think it was all beginning to hit her.)

Today the ship sunk.I haven’t been able to speak to her yet but another one of her party told me that they are back in Athens and should be home on schedule tomorrow.
It’s a bit of a shock, the sort of thing that happens to other people.

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