People hide in “meetings”

How often do you try to speak to someone only to be told that they are “In a meeting”. They might as well be in the bath or drunk or in suspended animation! The person who tells you that the person you want to speak to is in a meeting says so in a tone that is rather hushed and awed as if speaking in a cathedral.

I once realised that my husband had gone home and left his wallet at work. I knew he would be worried if he found it was missing so I rang the health authority knowing he was in a meeting there. The fuss my request to speak to him caused was unbelievable. I refused to leave a message because I knew it would get garbled and he’d be even more worried so I insisted on speaking to him. I could hear the remarks in the background, “I’m not taking responsibility for that” being the most memorable.I spoke to him, it took one minute.

Claire is passionate about wanting to join the London Ambulance Service. She applied before Christmas and went for an assessment in January. She passed and was told that she would be called for interview. No one has deigned to contact her since. She rings recruitment periodically, they don’t know what’s going on. They are “fully staffed” but they’re still advertising the job on their website.

Is it possible to speak to anyone in a senior position about this? You guessed it, they are in a meeting.

I met someone who had worked in a merchant bank. Decisions about squillions of pounds were made by two people who shook hands and got on with it. In the NHS there has to be a meeting to decide on how many paper clips to buy and who should have to key to the paper clip cupboard. (That’s a very important role you know.)

So Claire’s going to carry on being a hospital porter and hope and pray that LAS might just realise they need her. She’ll make a very good emergency medical technician, I know it. (Pray in an agnostic fashion that is.)

Jenny has got a real humdinger of a cold . One of the cats has been sick on Claire’s clothes having eaten some stolen chocolate and a mouse.

The good news is that Apache is getting better , she seems to have just about stopped bleeding and her blood tests so far are not too bad. The vet thinks that the tumour may not be causing the bleeding. It may be that the first season of the year causes an hormonal surge which affects the lining of the uterus causing it to bleed and there isn’t any treatment.They may decide to scope and scan.

If Apache continues to recover I won’t have to retire her, I can carry on riding round the woods, lovely.

Ralph has been to the groomer and looks fab. He’s very tired because he’s been going out with girls from the yard and he had a massive play with the two Weimerama puppies at the yard yesterday.

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