I don’t know where to begin but  I do know that this is goig to be a moaning old blog tonight but at least no one has to read it do they?

The stress count is very high in our house.Claire is stressed because of the problems re her proposed career, she’s utterly fed up.

Jenny is still traumatised and is desperately worried about her A levels because she’s got so much work to do and so little time to do it and she can’t concentrate and isn’t sleeping . She’s up against huge difficulties because of her missing notes. Last night she managed to knock out 4000 words for a screenplay but that’s only a small part of what she’s got to do. She still only feels right when she’s with the people she was shipwrecked with. She told me tonight that they had to sit watching the ship sinking for 3 hours whilst waiting to be picked up by another ship to take them to Athens . I didn’t realise that before. It doesn’t look as if they’ll get much money in insurance/compensation and we’ve already spent a lot on clothes.She thinks about the poor people who lost their lives and about the pollution.

We went to the pub tonight to have a meal as a family(uninvited by my husband) but it all went wrong because my husband has no empathy, nor sympathy for Jenny and he blew a gasket when she asked him for some money. She and I tried to explain how stressed she is and he just told her to get over it. Then he started screaming at her and told her to get a job and leave the house in 6 months or he’d call the police. He called her a trollop. Needless to say we were both very upset. Claire took off to her boyfriend’s having (according to my husband ) agreed with what he had said about her needing to “put it behind  her”. It’s only two weeks tomorrow that it happened.

Jen and I grabbed the dog and went round to my sister’s for a while and sat in the car with her and had a chat.  I can’t understand my husband, we are not poor and I know he’s worried about his pension and retirement and all that but , well I’ve been married to him for 25 years but I can’t understand him.

I went on Twitter kind of hoping someone would be there I could “talk to ” , how pathetic is that?

Today a friend of mine told me about a fight that had gone on outside her house. She is 8months+ pregnant. She called the police and they didn’t come for 2 1/2 hours till she rang again, told them she was pregnant and then they asked her to check if the people had knives!

She also tried to get some help with council tax. She filled out a 40 page form, waited a month for an appointment and was then told they couldn’t help her. Other people get the form filled out for them. She is a highly trained nursery nurse and she’s going to do child minding when she’s had the baby. Her nearest town is dropping their courses and exams because the applicants don’t speak English. Luckily we live on the border of two counties so she can get registered by the other county.

Frankly I am extremely cheesed off .

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  1. Eeek!! I thought I was stressed. Hang in there and hopefully things will get better. Are Jenny’s school not offering ongoing counselling? Definitely sounds like they should be.


    – Neil.

  2. Thanks Neil, you always seem to be there for your friends, can’t tell you how good that is! She had group counselling today but it wasn’t very helpful except for the fact that they were all together again which is how they are most comfortable.
    She’s going to try and see tutors tomorow.
    She’s got conditional offer at Q Mary’s for film studies but now she thinks she won’t get in. Poor old Jen. Woe is us or should tht be are we?

  3. Hi Delia,

    I hope Jenny is feeling a bit better- what she has been through is horrible.

    Your husband sounds like he needs a wake up call. He is a GP- he MUST know that things like this will cause problems! Is there any counselling available in your area for her?

  4. Yes, thanks counselling at college. My husband’s alright really, just gets totally silly at times!

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