Apache went to hospital yesterday as if she was going on holiday.Settled herself in to her hotel room all chirpy. She had a scan which wasn’t very conclusive so she had to stay in last night to have another scan and scope today. It’s not good news. Her uterus is distended and she’s still bleeding but the reason that the blood is altered is because it is building up in her womb and then coming out when it’s no longer fresh. So there’s a big risk of infection. If they wash out her uterus there’s a chance they can find the bleeding point and tie it off . Otherwise the washout may make things much worse, I suppose that means a hemorrhage.

If they don’t proceed , she may not be with us for long. The vets are going to speak to specialists tonight and we’ll talk again tomorrow.

Everyone is gunning for her and amazingly, she’s still bright. We’re not going to let her suffer. Not much more I can say at the moment.

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  1. oh my goodness… what a decision to make.
    I know you’ll make the right one for her, and she will help you make it. She’s such a spirit, nothing will hold her down.
    I’ll send Good Vibes(tm) from Africa, as best i can.
    Hang in there, D.
    Everyone is thinking of you AND her.

  2. Thanks,wish you could meet her, everyone loves Apache

  3. fingers crossed the results are hopeful.

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