Good News

Apache is home! No need for the washout, the vets at the Royal Veterinary Hospital have found out what’s wrong with Apache! She has got endometriosis which has been brought on by a high oestrogen level because of a persistent follicle which hasn’t gone on to produce an egg.

They have given her something to contract her womb and something to sort out the follicle. She’s have to have another scan on Monday and more treatment at her next season.

My dear friend offered to take us to get Apache in her trailer. She borrowed her friend’s 4X4 and tried to hitch up the trailer without success. Turned out there was a cap that had to come off the tow knob. Off we went and all went well.

Apache came out of her stable and was keen to make her escape,especially when she saw some cows in a nearby field. She wasn’t going to hang around and have travel boots put on. My friend had kindly left out the partition so that Apache had lots of room. She had also left out the bar that goes across the front of the trailer.

Off we went, quite smoothly, and everything went well until someone in the middle lane told us we had a problem with a tyre.

We pulled on to the hard shoulder, which was quite scary, and Claire and my friend got out and had a good look around but couldn’t see anything wrong. Eventually, we managed to get back on to the road and Apache realised that she wasn’t going to get out so she kicked and wriggled around a bit. After a while, someone else tooted at us but we carried on because the tyres hadn’t been hot and couldn’t see anything amiss. We kept a close lookout in the mirrors and looked at other people in cars to see if they looked concerned but everything was fine.

We knew that , if we had to stop suddenly and get Apache out, we’d have to call the police. She could have run into the road. We carried on until we got off the motorway. As soon as we got onto a minor road we heard a nasty scraping noise and were able to diagnose the problem. The small wheel at the front of the trailer had been grounding due to Apache putting all her weight on to the front of the trailer. The little wheel was practically square! When Apache moved back in the trailer , the wheel came off the ground, that was why it wasn’t obvious what was wrong when we stopped. The moral of this story is, don’t go anywhere without attaching the bar. Luckily it wasn’t much further to go.

When we got back to the yard, we let Apache out of the trailer and took her to the field where she and Celeste had a touching reunion culminating in the two of them trotting round the perimeter of the field as if checking everything was as it should be. It’s so lovely to have her back ! It looks like I’ll even be able to ride again soon which is such good news!

We have another horse convalescing at the yard. Her name is April, she is a thoroughbred. She was on loan when she got a fungal infection which led to a bacterial infection which in turn led to her kidneys shutting down. She also had fits. She was taken to Newmarket and given intensive care. She now has a tube in her head which has to be flushed out with a large quantity of disinfectant and then something else , I think this will continue for another 3 weeks. The insurance will only cover half of the estimated £10,000 cost so far!

Away from the subject of horses, Claire and I went shopping in Reading yesterday. I have previously got a wheelchair from shopmobility and as we wanted to walk round quite a large area, we decided to go and borrow one again. This time we were loaned one of those little scooters, given minimal instructions, and not told what time to return.

I must say it was lovely to get about at a reasonable walking speed without having back pain.It took a while to get the hang of the controls but they were very easy once sussed. I did nudge a display a little which banged a lady in a shop but she was ok and accepted my apology. I was very embarrassed. I felt guilty for using the scooter because I suppose I tend to think that wheelchairs are for people who can’t walk and I can, slowly and with a stick.

After we finished our shopping, we headed back to shopmobility only to find it had closed three hours before! We took the scooter to the information desk and they took it away for us. Claire thought my riding on the scooter was hilarious! It certainly meant we got round a lot more shops and I would be tempted to have one again but whilst still feeling guilty.

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