Smoking history-gave up for 18 months, started again, gave up for 10 years, started again, gave up for 4 years and now, I’ve started again. What an idiot! Each time, I think I can just have the odd one and I’m telling you, that doesn’t work. Nor do small cigars, nor roll ups.

Yesterday I had the gum so I didn’t have any fags. It’s quite good but not as good as a fag.Thank God I’ve never tried heroin!

I suppose it helps me understand other people.

I also love the smell of bonfires and burning wood.

I know I can stop again and the ban will be a great help.

By the way, this time it’s menthol. Years ago it was Gitanes and Gauloise, Camel and those beautiful Balkan Sobranie (if that’s how it’s spelt – I only used to smoke them , not write about them)! They were cocktail cigarettes, different colours, made you feel special.

Confession ends……

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