Retirement is getting closer

Well I wrote a longer post than usual and kept saving it but it got gobbled up and didn’t publish, except for the title and the tags. Annoying! Perhaps I do need to retire, especially as I can’t really remember what I was waffling on about!

I rode Apache on Saturday, just a little walk but lovely to be able to ride again. (Pain clinic specialist told me not to ride but I’m not taking any notice of that and besides the physio said it was fine).

Talking of physio, I went for assessment on Friday and managed to jigger up my neck/upper back which was a pain, literally.

Yesterday, however, Claire and I finally got around to going to the gym to get our programmes and it was actually quite enjoyable! Stoke Park Club is absolutely fabulous. It’s where Goldfinger was filmed although the Pavillion, where the health club is, wasn’t built then,it was all golf.

Jen is off to London to do some recording for a band today, hope that goes well, it’ll be nice if she can pick up some session work like that.

I’ve managed to kill off my second SPV M600, last time it was the calls, now it seems as if the phone has unaligned itself. Orange can see from their end that it’s knackered and they’re sending me a Sony Ericcson to try. I’ll have to have a new contract but it’ll still be premier which means I can upgrade in 9 months and I still get through to the helpline super quickly.I can’t fault Orange.
Talking of good service, sadly our vet is leaving. She’s been so good and I love the way my number is on her phone as Apache. (I’m hoping Apache hasn’t secretly got a mobile, because I don’t want any more bills)! Apparently the vets from the Royal Veterinary College rang her to ask how Apache was! She’s such a gentle pony, she’s put up with all this carry on and hasn’t needed to be sedated. All she does is donate pooh to the vets when they examine her. I think I’ll try and publish this now, as I don’t fancy losing another post.

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  1. I try to remember to select all my post, then ctrl-c to copy it all to the clipboard. Then if it all fouls up I can just paste it back in and try again.

    It’s saved me a lot of retyping on more than one occasion.

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