Wireless Mouse, Gym and Pool,

A while ago I bought a wireless mouse and I loved it. Sadly, the dog got hold of the bit you put in the USB port so that was the end of that.Undeterred, I bought another one, luckily a bit cheaper and again I was pleased until I realised that the vital bit had gone missing again only this time there was no trace of it. Yesterday I decided to buy another(third time lucky) and it doesn’t recognise itself! This is very annoying.

On the subject of threes, why is it that we say “third time lucky” whilst if something bad happens we expect another two problems to beset us?

Nothing much has been going on recently. I’ve started to go to the club a bit more regularly and have done the gym routine once since we had our progamme installed on the gym’s computer. I don’t like the bike or the treadmill but I do like the wave machine and can tolerate the cross trainer. I quite like the lift your legs up against a weight machine and the pull a weight down with your arms machine as they are both sitting down ones, but I must remember not to drop the weights on my head when standing up after using the arm one!

The pool is lovely, no chlorine and a pleasure to swim or flounder about in. The cafe is very inviting,too much so , although you can get lovely salads there.

We’re using up the last of our holiday before we retire, (hence the lousy weather this week),then there’s only four more weeks to work!

Claire and Jen and I went to a friend’s 40th birthday party last weekend , 70s and 80s theme. I dug out a genuine 70s/80s dress which I had kept, goodness know why, and it fitted! Everybody did a good job of dressing up and it was a very good party. Nigel stayed home because he’s anti-social and anyway he didn’t really know anyone.

I’m going to meet my old friends from the surgery I used to work at tonight, chance for a good old gossip and reminiscence.

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  1. Does your Mac not have bluetooth? If so then the wireless Mighty Mouse is your best bet as there are no bits to lose.

    – Neil.

  2. Great. I’ll try that, thanks!

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