Ambulance Service, then and now. Uniforms

Tom Reynolds got me thinking,which is clever in itself!Did any of you see a programme a while ago comparing the Billingsgate(or Spitalfields?Can’t remember) fire and the King’s Cross one?
It was very interesting, showing the ambulances of the time as emergency transportation vehicles ,very much scoop and run with today’s all singing all dancing variety.(That’s just Tom practising cabaret!)
The other point that was made was that part of the emergency treatment was to plonk a fag in the gob of victim (just to top up the smoke inhalation). Kind but not a very good idea?
I saw a photograph in the Telegraph magazine at the weekend showing a patient who had taken a drug overdose being wheeled out of a house on a trolley in the 60s or earlier. Even the ambulance men’s uniform looked more like that of a chaffeur!

Nurses uniforms in days of yore were based on servants uniforms.
Currently their uniforms are more like domestic’s, although home carers wear nursey dresses in navy blue (used to be for sisters.)
Ambulance staff now wear uniforms similar to airline pilots or sci fi characters.
On that note, don’t you think that blue tooth headsets are like Lieuitenant O’Hoora ‘s from Star Trek? We expectshop doors that open automatically these days, they were so
novel when Star Trek started.

We used to put on pantomimes when I worked at the , now defunct, wonderful Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital in Taplow. One year, I can’t tell you why, one of the characters had to say Star Trek. He insisted on putting the emphasis on the word Trek and had us all in fits because he couldn’t understand why we kept saying “no, Tom, it’s Star Trek” he thought that’s what he was saying.

I played the Fairy Godmother’s Trainee and Pooh in Pooh on the Bounty. We went on tour round the other local hospitals. Fun.

PS the Tom in the pantomime was not Tom Reynolds in case you were wondering!

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  1. Just wanted to say to your daughter in regard to her efforts to get in to the ambulance service, be persistent! A friend of mine put in six applications to six different service’s across the country, they got six interviews (so they were doing something right) they sought help and advice from a ‘mentor’ para who was very helpful, in terms of looking at how the interview day went and what they might have done differently. I am pleased to say were successful on the last one! We were staggered how ‘random’ the selection process was, (we thought the process of recruitment would be standard across the country.) With 600 applicants for 18 places the odds are tough; when the going gets tough the tough get going! Good luck

  2. Thanks very much.

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