Yet again Tom Reynolds has given me something to think about.
When my Mum died at home my niece (also a nurse) took a mattress and slept in my Mum’s room for the rest of the night. Before Mum died my niece had given her mouth care by using swabs soaked in whisky and she was a bit concerned that the on- call doctor might wonder about the smell.Don’t think he noticed. He couldn’t certify the death as he didn’t know my Mum so we waited till midday the next day for our own doctor (and family friend).
I must say it didn’t seem odd to have Mum there, in fact it was quite nice to sort of pop in to her room and see her. Of course I’ve seen lots of dead people which helps.

I saw a TV programme once about a doctor who was researching electrical given off by recently deceased people. If I remember rightly, there was more electricity measured if their death had been traumatic (accident, suicide). I might be wrong, it may have been less. It never occurred to me before that there would be a discharge of electricity like that but it makes sense as we are basically electricity and water(which aren’t supposed to mix normally! )

What am I doing writing about death the day I retire? Well, it looks like Nigel’s stepfather may not be with us much longer. He’s in hospital and I’m waiting to hear from his girlfriend. I really hope we get to say goodbye.

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  1. It hadn’t sunk in that today was the day you retired. Here’s to a fun and happy retirement.

    Sorry to hear about you husband’s stepfather. Thinking of you all.

    – Neil.

  2. So sorry to hear about Nigel’s stepfather. I hope you get to see him before he passes.

    Congratulations on your retirement! I shall think of you on a cold winters day while I’m trudging through the snow to work!
    Looking forward to reading your adventures on Twitter


  3. oh I do like getting comments,(except spam ones about casinos)! Thanks for the good wishes x

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