This retirement lark is really nice but I’m so lazy ! I really could do with putting the computer in a more comfortable location but I bet I’d still be lazy about using it. Makes me realise that I spent a lot of time “playing” at work. The computer was very easy to use there and I could see out of the window.

I can, however, recommend retirement.

Good news, Claire has got her place on the access course she wanted so she won’t have to be a porter for too much longer. Hopefully, Jen will get her A levels and then she can go to Queen Mary, then we’ll have two students in the family.

My friend’s little baby girl is lovely, we have very nice cuddles.

I haven’t been riding, nor have I been to the gym! (Well I did go for a swim , once.) Still, there’s no rush is there?

I wonder if anyone else is having a problem with their Mac? If there’s a link in gmail for example , I’m lucky if it’ll link at all, or if it does it takes ages.

Also, can anyone advise me how the iPhone will work in England, will Orange etc provide the service or will Apple have a different network?

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  1. Excellent news – Well done Claire!

  2. Current rumours are that O2 will be the carrier, Orange and Vodafone having taken themselves out of the running because they weren’t prepared to meet Apple’s demands.

    That means if you want an iPhone you will need to sign up as an O2 customer.

    Of course, this is all currently rumour, so it all could change by the time the iPhone is actually released.

    – Neil.

  3. Go Claire go, I did an Access course (A levels for grown up’s) two years ago and loved it. I barley recognised myself by the time I had finished. I certainly wouldn’t be doing the work, study or blogging I am doing now if it weren’t for the course.
    I mentioned a friend who has been accepted to train as a
    Paramedic; he has just finished the course, so you can see it can work!

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