University Students

Come September we will have two daughters at University! Jenny has got her place at Queen Mary to do Film Studies despite not getting the grades required. Whether this has got to do with the Sea Diamond debacle or just a total of points who knows, it doesn’t matter- she’s in! Considering she did a level Film in 1 year with reduced attendance she’s done very well.
Claire is going to go to Thames Valley University in Reading, they haven’t told her when the course starts yet.
The ponies are happy in their new home, Apache loves the field shelter, she says it is hers and no one else can come in!
Ralph was naughty at the new yard, he ran off and found a delightfully stagnant pond with ducks in . Claire had to go and drag him out and we had to give him a shower.
The builders are here, slowly getting on with all the work.
Claire and Jenny have gone to Reading Festival. I took them yesterday and ended up waiting two hours till Claire could get back for the second load of stuff. Interesting people watching. I managed to park by some bushes that boys were using as toilets. (There were loads of people queuing for tickets- our girls had theirs but still had to queue for their campsite.) The poor girls in the ticket queue didn’t have the benefit of the bushes, boys are lucky in that respect!
Several of the campsites were flooded. Claire had to queue again to get her ticket changed to a wristband. Last seen staggering off weighed down with bags mostly filled with beers!
It’ll be funny without them this weekend.
Tomorrow I’m hoping to go and look at pushchairs with my niece and her husband and my sister, should be fun!

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