Dog Rescue

Yesterday Claire was very nearly home when she saw a dog running up and down the road so she stopped and jumped out of the car to catch it.  A Rottweiler cross by the looks of him, black and friendly, wearing a chain/fabric collar, no ID. So I got a ‘phone call, could I bring my car (with dog guard). Luckily I picked up a lead and some dog biscuits and we took him to our local police station where they had a ‘phone to call a bigger station who said we should contact the dog warden via the council.We had a little drive about looking out for anyone who looked like they were looking for a lost dog. Then we ‘phoned the council, cleansing and environmental department. The lady who answered was basically a dreary sounding big drip, (not to put too fine a point on it)! She said they used a contractor who finished at 4pm and we offered to take the dog to a rescue centre but she said they needed to register him. I pointed out that we did have some other things to do and then she said she’d ring the contractors and call back which she did whilst I was sending a text. This meant she had to leave an a voicemail asking me to call her back. I did so and she said in a pained way “Your ‘phone was switched off”, I explained that that was not the case and she said we could take the dog the police station in Maidenhead “if you wish”.Off we went to Maidenhead where we had the choice of going through a barrier or parking in a car park for “authorised personnel”. Not fancying the barrier we chose the latter. Then a barrier closed us in. Then Mrs Drippy from the council rang, getting my name wrong and saying that the “finder” of the dog was on the other line. I questioned this and then she said “oh yes, you’re the finder” so I told her to give the chap my number and ask him to ring me direct because I couldn’t stand listening to her drippiness any longer. (She’s probably a very nice person.)The owner said he’d been to a funeral and had entrusted a friend in our village to look after the dog. He lived in Slough so we agreed to take the dog to him and off we went again. The dog had been well behaved , if a little noisy which was probably as he needed to have a wee which he proceeded to do, causing the car to steam up a bit!We found the owner who was pleased to see “Rowdy” but didn’t seem to have a lead with him so I donated the one we’d used. He was very grateful and took our names and address because he said he wanted to send us a card and flowers, we said not to worry.When we got home Ralph was puzzled  as to why we were bringing his car rugs in to be washed , smelling of another dog. Well, they needed a freshen up anyway.Someone else needed a freshen up today. Ralph went into the churchyard and rolled in fox pooh so an emergency visit to  the dog groomer had to be arranged.We have “met” two celebrities recently. Sir David Attenborough was doing a book signing in Windsor so we went and queued up with about 400 other people. He’s wonderful, he arrived an hour early so they could start ahead of schedule and I understand he stayed an extra half an hour too. It was lovely to see him especially for Claire who regards him as a hero.We have also been to a Monty Roberts demonstration. (He is the horse whisperer.) We’ve been to his demonstrations before and I am a member of Intelligent Horsemanship which means we could get tickets for an extra demonstration that Monty does before the rest of the audience arrive. It is always cold sitting in an open indoor school but this time we took hot soup and blankets. We got a picture of Monty and I got a cuddle!Our friend’s pony was one of those in the demonstration. She would make a fantastic character in a children’s book. If she doesn’t want to do something she won’t, she just plants her feet or runs away. She is a lovely pony and she’s been having a bad time lately as she has had a tumour removed from her face for the second time. She puts up with all that with no problem but she doesn’t like going in horseboxes or trailers.Since the arrival of my great niece I have started knitting which I haven’t done for years and now I’m hooked! Baby clothes are nice to knit because they don’t take long and aren’t heavy on the needles.Last week I had some nerves killed off in my back which has helped but I still have a problem with my right leg , still you can’t win ’em all!

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