Some recent horsey events. Windsor Horse Show, a great day out- wish we’d had loads of money to spend at the tradestands! Claire saw the queen, I “misdrove” (well Hilary can mispeak after all) a mobility scooter. Our friend didn’t get placed despite us toasting her with champagne, the weather was beautiful.(Claire got fingermarks where she hadn’t been able to reach with her suncream, well it proves it works.)

On Saturday Getting Older Dressage (GODS) put on a pantomime for the Riding for the Disabled (RDA) at Fulmer. Claire “rode” Black Beauty the pantomime pony. She was Lucinda Bloomin- Stony- Broke (very apt). The children loved it and Claire bonded so well with him she almost went to check on him after the show.

Our friends made amazing costumes and all the horses and ponies were wonderful. There were clowns, fairies, Star wars and the Strictly Come Prancing Competition(all on horseback apart from three clowns).

There were two RDA riders who put on individual shows of a very high standard. One girl only had one arm and the other had no legs and short arms.Very humbling. I imagine that as well as loving their riding, as we all do, they must get a sense of freedom and great achievement. The riders are only allowed stirrups if they have artificial legs (to stop the legs falling off). Their position in the saddle and the communication with their ponies showed up many able bodied riders, myself definately included. I think over £500 was raised from the sale of tickets and a raffle and everyone had fun.

I must get my finger out and make more effort to ride.




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