Grumpy day

Today got off to a bad start with my husband and my youngest daughter having a row. Seems he really doesn’t like her at all, well he doesn’t like anyone much….(he called her a short-arsed wanker the other day, funny that , she’s 5F 8″)
So we went to our hairdresser’s appointment. I was having a trim and J was having lowlights/ highlights. Mistake. She hated the result and went to Boots and got some dye and did it herself. Bye bye 80 quid.We also got stuck in a traffic jam. Looks like my car won’t be repaired till next week and the insurance on the loan car runs out on Saturday. (It’s a Ka and it’s brand new and bits are already falling off it.) Reason for car repair- I drove into a skip.
Can’t get the hospital people to cotton on to the fact that I should be having the MRI scan for my hip and my back (so I can find out what’s causing the problem.) The MRI person even tried to tell me that I didn’t have an appointment because next Thursday isn’t the 31st. Oh yes it is. Oh, she was looking at June, that explains it. “You’ve only got an appointment for your back , you’ll have to have another one if they want your hip done.” Got the impression they wanted to know why the hell I had rung them. Could be something to do with the instruction letter they sent me, ring the MRI unit if you answer yes to any of the questions marked * maybe?
Husband has not had his dinner presented to him on a tray in front of the television this evening as he usually does. He’s asleep in said chair anyway (as usual).
Generally I am fed up- can you tell?

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