Flying Dog. MRI scan

My dog can fly!

My dog can fly!

I got my car back (did I mention that I drove it into a skip?) The skip shouldn’t have been parked on the road outside a shop because there was no licence for it. I was parked behind it and, as I pulled out, I scraped the side of my car- only a little bit but there were two bits sticking out of the skip which sort of impaled my car and made two holes which had to be attended to so the car went I to be repaired. It’s a Hyundai Matrix by the way. They lent me a Ka ,only 3000 miles on the clock but already falling to bits. It wasn’t too bad to drive but when both windows were open there was a terrific whooshing sound like you get when you open a back window without opening a front one.
Never mind, I have my car back now which means I can take Ralph to the Windsor and Maidenhead Flood Relief Channel, now called the Jubillee River where he loves to swim and run about and , sorry to admit, chase cyclists. As you can see, he was very pleased.
Today I went for an MRI scan and I hope I never have to have another one. I knew I was a bit claustrophobic but I didn’t realise how much. You have to lie in a tight tube and you can’t see daylight at first. The staff give you a buzzer so they can take you out if you want and I admit I pressed it straight away! So they offered me  company and one of them stayed and kept contact with me and it wasn’t so bad as I was having my lumbar/sacral spine done so the machine passed over me and I had a little bit of daylight at the end of the tunnel (literally)! The machine then start to make a noise like three rock bands accompanied by an pneumatic drill, which is why you are provided with earplugs.
I managed to stay in and tried to adopt a bit of a trance like state, counting dots on the ceiling and tuning in to the rhythm of the noise. Towards the end I did ask if it would be going back over me except on the way out, thank goodness that was the case. I felt panicky as it came back over and was a bit fuddled afterwards to the extent that I forgot to put my bra back on and had to go back in to the changing room. Then I tried to  leave by the wrong exit, I was quite disorientated!
I have an appointment next week for the results.

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