Bad News

My husband has been unwell for a while with symptoms of nausea, constipation and epigastric pain. He went for a scan today to see if it was a problem with his gallbladder (although the symptoms weren’t really typical of gallstones). He asked for a scan of his whole abdomen and they found lesions on his liver, not cystic, in other words most probably cancer. He wasn’t told that ,but as a retired GP he knows what’s what. He was told to make a Dr’s appointment asap so we’ve got one for 5.30pm today.

I knew that the scan was taking rather a long time and when I asked him what he’d been told he siad that his gallbladder was ok and he’d tell me the rest in the car. (At the moment I’m having alot of difficulty walking and I’m on crutches so that was a slow walk.)

So now it begins. I would imagine he’ll be referred to a gastroenterologist for further tests to establish if it’s cancer and whether it’s primary (in liver alone) or secondary (from somewhere else), either way , once it’s in your liver it’s bad news. He suspects bowel because of the constipation although he had that before and a colonoscopy was normal, a while ago though. He’s also got pain in a floating rib so that could indicate bony secondaries. He smokes a pipe but hasn’t been coughing more than  usual. He’s lost weight but hasn’t been eating much at all.

Strange how it takes something like this to make me write! I suppose it’s because I do have something to report after all. I think I may find it helpful too as this is not going to be easy is it?

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  1. Delia,



  2. So sorry to ready about your bad news. Hope it helped to write about it, it seems cancer in one form or another is everywhere. Good luck with the Doctors appointment later today

  3. Sorry to hear the news. You are both in my thoughts.

    – Neil.

    • Thank you

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