some potentially better news

N had a bad night on Tuesday so I put my foot down and said I’d ring the hospital and speak to the consultant’s secretary (we haven’t seen the consultant yet but his secretary is very helpful!)

I got throught to her straight away and she looked on her computer and said that N  had an appointment that afternoon! No-one had told us! We duly went for the appointment and saw a Dr who seemed to need us to lead him by the nose. he started talking about a “sore tummy”, we had to tell him several times that N is a Dr and would like to know the score exactly without any flannel.

Apparently the tumour marker blood tests which were done on Tuesday showed abnormalities in the bowel rather than pancreas which is good although of course the liver and lungs are still afffected. So we asked for chest and back xrays and painkillers.

The next step is a colonoscopy which is going to be arranged for today , tomorrow or Saturday so we’re waiting to hear about that. Trouble is, the patient has to drink gallons of goo to clear out the bowel and N is finding it hard enough to drink a pot of tea although he is feeling a bit better today.

Yesterday he was a bit snappy and so was I because I was feeling got at and I kept thinking it was only two weeks since my hip replacement and I’m driving and walking without crutches and I’m doing my best etc. Stil I went out for a drink with a couple of “horsey friends” and feel better today.

Our new furniture has arrived (should have come yesterday) and it’s nice so that’s good too.

Thanks you to all well wishers x

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  1. Good to hear that you are being seen quickly, a pity that the doctor you saw couldn’t have been a bit more adult in his manner towards you both. Natalie has the same problem until she explains she has a bio-chemistry degree and will actually understand if they talk to her properly.

    Nataie’s just had a colonoscopy. The supposedly lemon and ginger tasting goo is apparently disgusting and does a number on your guts as if it was Drain-o. The day prior to her appointment was not a fun one.

    As always, our thoughts are with you.

    – Neil.

  2. Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion.


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