Sad,sad woman

Oh dear, do I have an addictive personality? I don’t smoke anymore but now I have a new addiction- Grey’s Anatomy! I’ve got seasons 1 and 2 and will buy season 3 as soon as it’s available. I watch all the sneak previews, do the facebook trivia quiz, look at the fan site and think about it all far too much! Now it seems that there may be a hiatus because of the writer’s strike so I’ve signed a petition supporting them. After all, no writer, no story.
Today I got a letter from my Great Aunt in Chicago. She is wonderful, she’s 94. She sent me photocopies of letters that my grandparents sent to her during the war. She was already in the USA. It appears that my grandmother decided to take a trip from Ditchling to see some of the action/bombing in London. She said she wasn’t really a wicked woman!
I’m a Great Aunt too now, I have a Great Niece called Ophelia who I call Little O. I’ve only met her once, she’s very little, she was 6lbs 2oz when she was born on December 22nd.
We’re still enjoying our retirement, the novelty hasn’t worn off at all and I don’t think it will. 
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Smoking history-gave up for 18 months, started again, gave up for 10 years, started again, gave up for 4 years and now, I’ve started again. What an idiot! Each time, I think I can just have the odd one and I’m telling you, that doesn’t work. Nor do small cigars, nor roll ups.

Yesterday I had the gum so I didn’t have any fags. It’s quite good but not as good as a fag.Thank God I’ve never tried heroin!

I suppose it helps me understand other people.

I also love the smell of bonfires and burning wood.

I know I can stop again and the ban will be a great help.

By the way, this time it’s menthol. Years ago it was Gitanes and Gauloise, Camel and those beautiful Balkan Sobranie (if that’s how it’s spelt – I only used to smoke them , not write about them)! They were cocktail cigarettes, different colours, made you feel special.

Confession ends……

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