Today I was shown some photos taken last Spring. Tiny little blue tits emerging from a nesting box for their first outing. The patient who showed me them had some pictures of one of the babies landing on her slipper and climbing up her dressing gown. Beautiful and something she’ll never forget.

Claire saw a red kite today. I heard a seagull ,or a land gull or whatever you call them.

We ususally get swallows nesting in the stables, less last year sadly. One year I watched as the babies had flying practice. One by one they flew a short distance from one rafter to another and lined up ready for another go. (Ralph has just gone mad and is running up and down with his squeeky toy, think he’s trying to tell me that he’s more interesting than blogging about birds and ,anyway, chasing them is more fun.)

We used to have a pigeon who in one of the stables, we named him Pidge. He used to wait for the mucking out to be done and then he’d eat the grains left behind. then he would go back up to the rafters and poo on the horses rugs, or the horses, or us.

One day poor Pidge came home with an injured foot. We thought he would be unable to survive like that but he could still fly. Watching him land was amazing, he landed on one foot , wobbled , then stabilised himself.

After a couple of weeks he was able to weight bear. Sadly though , not long after that, a cat got him.He appeared back at his home and a friend took him and put him in her tree house where he was able to die in peace.

Another friend seems to have a knack with birds, a couple of times she has found tired out racing pigeons and has nursed them back to health. Horses feed bins are quite a good place to put them.

Another bird story. Once my old man and I were in Cumbria going to see standing stones called Long Meg and her Daughters. I’m afraid I can no longer remember what type of bird it was but this bird was playing with us. It would stop in the road in front of us so we would stop. Then it flew off and landed again a bit further along the road until we caught up. Off it went again and repeated the process several times, it definately seemed to be a game!

J is getting ready to go and practise before setting off on tour tomorrow. First stop Glascow! C has gone to work for the night, she’ll be in tomorrow as we get up.
I’m planning a really early night tonight, lovely.

I apologise if all this editing lark is annoying, I can’t get spell check on this page, I’ve got all sorts of symbols that I don’t understand instead. Still I suppose I’ll gradually improve – maybe!

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