First youtube attempt

This is Ralph swimming at Odney (Cookham). He doesn’t seem to get it that the ducks will just fly off when he gets close but he loves chasing them anyway. This is one of Ralph’s favourite places. It was busy today because the weather was nice. I was intrigued by a conversation I overheard along the lines of “don’t squash the sandwiches…are you bringing your wellies?…have you got your gameboy, your book…” Why do people need to cart so much stuff with them? It’s the same on the beach. I just don’t get it, it makes the whole thing a chore instead of a pleasure.

How can you see to play on a gameboy in full sunlight? How about watching the ducks or the other people ?

I’m still getting lots of people reading my blog about Jenny which is very gratifying. I’ll ask her if I can put some of her photos up. GMTV were going to give her some money but we haven’t heard anything about it. (She didn’t go on for money but if it’s promised she should get it.)
I’ve found it very interesting comparing reporting style. No one gets it all right, sometimes it’s silly things like “the ship was about to dock” (no dock in Santorini), just a simple error but shows ignorance of geography if nothing else.

My mum used to have a friend called Constance Heaven , that really was her name, who wrote historical novels. If her heroine was going to walk along a footpath you could be sure that Connie had walked the path herself so that she could describe it accurately.

Back to work tomorrow, since I decided to retire I’m finding it increasingly difficult to make the effort!I worried about the decision but once the words were out of my mouth that I would retire , I felt entirely different, roll on July.

Pity I didn’t have a video of Apache having her antibiotics which are mixed with strawberry yoghurt and water and given with a syringe which then comes out green due to grass residue. It’s surprising how yoghurt sticks to concrete and metal when she dribbles! It’s lovely to see her looking so well again, she’s a trooper.

PS Jen just came in and said no to putting her pictures on my blog but she may change her mind , you never know!

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Mother’s Done Another Podcast

Vivdora’s Place is where you’ll find my latest podcast should you wish to listen! I don’t think I’ll be staying with Iweb so I’m open to suggestions/ advice about a suitable place to podcast from – please.

Just had to move off the Mac and on to the laptop because Jenny has work to do. Anyway she disapproves of me blogging and podcasting. She says I am trying to be younger than I am, well you know what? I don’t give a toss! If I want to do it I bloody well will.

While I’m asking for technical advice , does anyone have any idea what’s happening to Twitter? I’m having trouble getting any Twitters on my ‘phone. I eventually got some yesterday and I’ve had one today. I’ve tried resetting it, turning it off and on again, and asking Twitter help who told me to try what I’d already tried. I know it’s all trivial really but I enjoy it, so there! Am I sounding like the teenager in this house?

I’m feeling rather tired, it was busy at work today. I was up at 6.30am, it’s light, hooray.It wasn’t raining! Took Ralph out down the path . He suddenly stopped , then turned round and came back to me. This was because a dog who had previously had a go at him was coming. It felt nice to have him come back to me for protection. He did get a play because Sebastian was out with his owner. Sebastian is going to a party soon to meet up with the other members of his litter. Got to work at 8am, saw quite a few patients, then the rather frenetic baby clinic, lots of data entry and a meeting to review surgery survey results and significant events.

Just had a call from my husband who is in the pub.Offering to buy me a meal, I said yes. Hope they’ve still got bread and butter pudding, special treat that. I quite fancy one or two brandy and americans too, with ice please. Then a nice early night and a good sleep. Did you see the recent articles about the latest obesity theory? We’re not getting enough sleep! Oh yes, that’s the one for me, I love my bed. (Well actually it’s not that comfortable but it’s a bed !)

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