Lazy day

Didn’t get up till 10.30! Shock horror! Apart from going outside in the night to check that Jen’s car hadn’t been stolen. (This was because Ralph started barking and a car seemed to be on the drive, probably just turning round.)

Took Ralph out for his walk and he met four dogs but none of them were really in the mood to play.Buddy tried to run about but was feeling sore because he had gone off adventuring one morning and had scratched himself. Two were rather small and obviously thought Ralph was rather alarming and the other was a guest staying at Buddy’s house who was more interested in chewing up a stick. It was a beautiful day, really spring like.

It’s funny how you feel more tired when you’ve had a load of sleep. Nigel’s snoring in the chair and I’ve been lying on the bed cuddling Ralph.

I’m wondering how many people will be asking for bird flu vaccinations tomorrow. It’s been made very clear that such a thing is not available and won’t be until bird flu mutates. Mind you, you can understand why people get confused. There are two messages being given out a the moment, there’s an infinitesimal risk of the Suffolk outbreak spreading to people but if it did it would be very serious. After the foot and mouth debacle it’s not surprising people are unwilling to trust Defra. What was it called before? Can’t remember! Maybe the Ministry of Making a Collosal Cock Up and Killing Loads of Animals.

Trouble is, I can’t see the people of this country coping with anything that would affect their lifestyles. You’ve only got to see what supermarkets are like if there is even a whiff of a shortage. It’s the greatest way to sell something, saying it’s in short supply.

People cannot cope with symptoms for long either. There is very little allowing things to run their course or trusting nature to fix things. A few sneezes or a cough and it’s ” I must have an urgent appointment” (in between the hairdresser and the shopping)!

A cold is never a cold either it’s always flu . Flu is when you cannot get out of bed and walk across the road even if you are promised £1000 for doing so.

Oh dear, I seem to be getting on to my soapbox. It is odd though, isn’t it how a headache has to be called migraine, a cold flu, etc. Maybe it all dates back to getting extra care when you were little and you had something wrong, people want that sort of cherishing and feel they have to exaggerate to get it.

I meet quite a lot of 90 year olds in my job and when I think what they have lived through and how stoical they are, I wonder if anyone from my generation will last that long!

Sorry for the gloom and doom.

PS Can anyone define a ping?



This is all fairly new to me. I had a little bit of a blog on yahoo 360 but didn’t really take to it . Sometime ago (at least a year) I discovered <a http://randomreality,,Tom Reynold’s blog via a nursing site. I got in touch with him because of Claire’s interest in joining the ambulance service. I have bought his book and continued to follow his blog and I got hooked on after he mentioned it.

This then led to me meeting his lovely girlfriend Laur.” who kindly offered me coffee whilst Claire had her LAS assessment. I also feel I am friends with several of the Twitterers even though I haven’t met them.

This is all quite alien to me because I am 54 years old and didn’t grow up with mobile IM, the web, blogging etc. When I comment on someone’s blog or twitter to them I sometimes think, am I behaving like a stalker? Do these people want to see my comments? Am I being a freak as Jenny would say?
Does it matter, if I’m enjoying myself?

You may have noticed that a lot of this text has gone blue or red and is underlined. I don’t know how this happened and I can’t get it to go away, so , sorry, what you see is what you get!

Today I watched the video of Tom’s presentation yesterday (see his blog) and part of me thought, “who’s paying these people to sit and discuss this subject?” (Again, that show’s my age, no social media, far less service industry, far, far more manufacturing). Once I’d got over that, I was able to tune in to the discussion and think about blogging, ethics, anonymity.

Sometimes blogging makes me realise that I have little to say, hence the title of this blog. I pride myself on being able ot talk to , and hopefully empathize with , anyone but is that only superficial? Do I really have anything to say?

Having said all that, I am disappointed if no one reads my blog and I would like comments and am disappointed if there aren’t any, sad aren’t I?

Been a bit of a non event day today, got up when Claire came in from work then went back to bed and had a lie in till 10am. Took Ralph out, then came home and lazed about doing sod all really.No motivation. Ah well.

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I was going to write this post yesterday but first my photos got lost between the phone and the computer and then what I had written got lost too so I gave up!

Jen was playing in Brighton on Monday, the penultimate gig of her tour. She had to come home afterwards because she had to go to college the next day to do an A level. On Tuesday the last gig in Camden.

Claire and I had agreed to go down to Brighton, hear Jenny play and take her back home. We had a good journey down but could not find the venue as my phone seemed to think it was somewhere other than where it was. After a bit of driving round we located the place and then went shopping.

First stop L’Occitane , one of my favourite shops. I love mimosa so I stocked up on their perfume and shower gel. Got a few other bits and pieces and then set off to find Office to look for some Adicolour Kermit trainers. We had seen them before in Brent Cross but Claire didn’t buy them and then regretted it. Now you can’t buy them. Office was quite a long walk for me (nickname cripple) and it was uphill. No luck when we got there. Had a look in H & M then made our way back to the car to dump stuff. Had a look around at the restaurants and found a nice Italian which served a lovely beer called Messina , I’m not usually a beer drinker, but I can tell you that as I write this I am wishing I had one now.

On Tuesday more excitement , a hospital appointment. Four years ago next month I had a Birmingham hip resurfacing op. It’s like a hip replacement but they get rid of the warn out surface of the hip , fit a mushroom shaped cap on it and put a new socket in as well.

If you are squeamish don’t read on. I had this operation under a spinal anaesthetic ie local into my spine, without any sedation so I knew what was going on all the time, which was quite funny really. At the end of the operation the surgeon said they were closing up and I asked if I would be having sutures or clips. He asked me which I would prefer,I thought that was lovely.

Then he came round to my head end wearing his blood spattered mask under his chin to tell me that it had all gone well and I can remember thinking, “that must be my blood”. Ok, so I am rather odd!

The operation was a great success and I was back on my pony 7 weeks and 5 days later.The only sad thing is that I have had back pain on walking or standing ever since. This is due to spinal arthritis (spondylosis) and I suspect that some of the pain I thought was from my hip was from my back. A friend who I used to work with in my hospital days also had her hip replaced. She reckons that the fact that we both had our right hips conk out was due to the lifting patients we used to do in the pre litigation days with no hoists and very low beds.

Anyway, I was due , well actually very overdue (not my fault) for my check up. My husband came too whch was nice.

Arrived, collected notes and Xray form, had Xray went to see one of the surgeons, a really nice man.No comments about my weight, thank God . Off for another Xray! Back in to surgeon who advised long term intensive physio and pain clinic. So at last something is being done.

Well, enough of that!

I tried to post several times this week, thrawted by tiredness, Jenny wanting the computer, my ineptitude at getting my photos up. At least they have reappeared on my phone!

Baby clinic on Wednesday, a busy one.

Came home today, had to turn round in road because a tree was down. Turned into our drive and saw that a tree had come down in the front garden.Lo and behold! A large branch down in the back garden too, narrowly missing the lounge window, thank God.

I think Ralph must have been scared , poor boy, he was extra cuddly.

Finally uploaded some photos, thanks to bluetooth. how come the ones I took on the move are better than the stationary ones? I need a Geek!

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