The latest in the saga of our health is that we are getting more nervous as the gastroscopy is the day after tomorrow!

I went to the orthopaedic clinic on Tuesday and saw a Doctor I hadn’t met before and I thought he was going to say I should put up with it and wait for my operation. He started talking about me having a scan and my husband kindly spoke up and asked him to speak to the Consultant (who was next door). He went in  to see him and then came back and said that they had a “cunning plan”. I’m going to a different hospital to have my operation next Wednesday as a trauma case. Apparently the avascular necrosis is like a fracture so they’re getting around the waiting list police and taking me off the list at the cold case hospital which is great. So I’m to go to hospital 1 on Tuesday to keep my appointment for pre-op and then in to  hospital 2 for the surgery, provided the ward doesn’t fill up with accident cases. In the old days,  Consultants  had control over their operating lists.

Strangely having the operation so soon is giving me the chance to think about something other than Saturday.

This week has been quite stressful as my friend’s funeral was on Monday and then I heard that another of my friends has got breast cancer. She is being wonderfully positive .

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Went to the hospital for my results and after an hour’s wait, I saw the consultant who said he didn’t think my Birmingham hip is loose, he reckons the pain is all due to a disc, so back to the pain clinic!

We had a hospital day yesterday because Claire had to go and have a wisdom tooth out under a general anaesthetic at another hospital. She’s fine, she keeps saying it was a walk in the park. Personally I don’t fancy a walk in the park like that thanks!

We’ve seen our family baby today which was nice because on a day like this one needs cheering up! What a lovely baby she is, yeah, yeah I’m biased.

Confession- back on the fags at the moment but will be getting patches. How many times in my life have I given up and started again? Longest give up= 10 years. Oh dear.

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Grumpy day

Today got off to a bad start with my husband and my youngest daughter having a row. Seems he really doesn’t like her at all, well he doesn’t like anyone much….(he called her a short-arsed wanker the other day, funny that , she’s 5F 8″)
So we went to our hairdresser’s appointment. I was having a trim and J was having lowlights/ highlights. Mistake. She hated the result and went to Boots and got some dye and did it herself. Bye bye 80 quid.We also got stuck in a traffic jam. Looks like my car won’t be repaired till next week and the insurance on the loan car runs out on Saturday. (It’s a Ka and it’s brand new and bits are already falling off it.) Reason for car repair- I drove into a skip.
Can’t get the hospital people to cotton on to the fact that I should be having the MRI scan for my hip and my back (so I can find out what’s causing the problem.) The MRI person even tried to tell me that I didn’t have an appointment because next Thursday isn’t the 31st. Oh yes it is. Oh, she was looking at June, that explains it. “You’ve only got an appointment for your back , you’ll have to have another one if they want your hip done.” Got the impression they wanted to know why the hell I had rung them. Could be something to do with the instruction letter they sent me, ring the MRI unit if you answer yes to any of the questions marked * maybe?
Husband has not had his dinner presented to him on a tray in front of the television this evening as he usually does. He’s asleep in said chair anyway (as usual).
Generally I am fed up- can you tell?

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Feeling somewhat negative these last few days and I’m wondering what category I’d put myself in. Depressed? Bored? Lazy? All of these?

I have taken antidepressants for several years now and if I stop them I do seem to get quite down, crying over stupid things . I haven’t stopped them at the moment and I can’t say I’m feeling really depressed but I am lacking motivation and everything seems to be a big effort. I think it’s a touch of <ahrefhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasonal_affective_disorder/  SAD

What would be an interesting discussion ,I think, is where are the boundaries between laziness, depression, lack of motivation? I am lazy, I know that.

Anyway a bit of a catch up. See the photo of a skeleton? That’s the one Ralph has found again and he’s been having a munch on it. Do you reckon it’s a squirrel?I think it is. Sorry if you’re squeamish!

Jenny has left Farewell Finito.

She had a fab time in Italy, despite two 22hr coach journeys to get there. She found she did have some friends going so it was really nice and she’s taken some lovely photos.

Claire’s been working really hard as usual. I wish LAS had some money so she could have her interview before April.

I’m typing this on my Dell laptop – Jenny’s comandeered the Mac!

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This is all fairly new to me. I had a little bit of a blog on yahoo 360 but didn’t really take to it . Sometime ago (at least a year) I discovered <a http://randomreality,blogware.com/blog,Tom Reynold’s blog via a nursing site. I got in touch with him because of Claire’s interest in joining the ambulance service. I have bought his book and continued to follow his blog and I got hooked on Twitter.com after he mentioned it.

This then led to me meeting his lovely girlfriend Laur. http://laurasblog@wordpress.com” who kindly offered me coffee whilst Claire had her LAS assessment. I also feel I am friends with several of the Twitterers even though I haven’t met them.

This is all quite alien to me because I am 54 years old and didn’t grow up with mobile IM, the web, blogging etc. When I comment on someone’s blog or twitter to them I sometimes think, am I behaving like a stalker? Do these people want to see my comments? Am I being a freak as Jenny would say?
Does it matter, if I’m enjoying myself?

You may have noticed that a lot of this text has gone blue or red and is underlined. I don’t know how this happened and I can’t get it to go away, so , sorry, what you see is what you get!

Today I watched the video of Tom’s presentation yesterday (see his blog) and part of me thought, “who’s paying these people to sit and discuss this subject?” (Again, that show’s my age, no social media, far less service industry, far, far more manufacturing). Once I’d got over that, I was able to tune in to the discussion and think about blogging, ethics, anonymity.

Sometimes blogging makes me realise that I have little to say, hence the title of this blog. I pride myself on being able ot talk to , and hopefully empathize with , anyone but is that only superficial? Do I really have anything to say?

Having said all that, I am disappointed if no one reads my blog and I would like comments and am disappointed if there aren’t any, sad aren’t I?

Been a bit of a non event day today, got up when Claire came in from work then went back to bed and had a lie in till 10am. Took Ralph out, then came home and lazed about doing sod all really.No motivation. Ah well.

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Sometimes I wonder what will become of me and I feel quite sad. Ilove my husband dearly but he spends too much time asleep these days, usually in front of the televison. He’s not 55 yet but he behaves like an old, old man. My lovely girls will fly the nest before long and I think I could be very lonely. I think this is one of the reasons why I like twitter.com, it’s so lovely and random.

There must be million so of people worldwide who find company on the internet. It’s non judgemental,in the case of this blog no-one reads it anyway!

You can talk about or read about absolutely anything.

One of our patients has just lost his wife, they were together since they were 7 years old. They were married for 60 years. He’s such a lovely man. It’s so sad.

I was thinking today that maybe we whould go back to living in extended families again. There was an article on the news about people having to care for, or fund care for, their relatives. If you read Random Acts of
Reality you’ll see there is a lot of discussion about the ambulance service. The health service is failing. People are increasingly isolated and have no senior family members to consult. This is one of the reasons the services are stretched. There is no reserve of common sense to tap in to, no voice of experience .

A lot of students are having to live at home instead of moving out when they go to university. Maybe that’s a start.

Then there’s the drink problem. Is it because people are generally not that happy, because they think they should have more than they’ve got due to advertising? Take Christmas for example, that mad rush of spending and gorging and having a “good ” Christmas. Then , propbably because of disappointment and sheer boredom from a holiday in the dark of winter what next? Ah yes , the sales. Go and get in a queue , thrash about in crowds and buy things you don’t want or need, withoiut having the money to pay for them of course. Never mind Ocean Finance or similar will consoilidate your debts and give you a ” well deserved” holiday.You’ve got no money, you OWE money so, of course you DESERVE a holiday!

Oh dear, what a rant, must be my age I suppose.

One of my friends at work has got to have her bladder removed. She is so brave, she is so kind and such fun.

I have nominated her for a national honour but as she isn’t a sports person or a civil servant I doubt she’ll get it. She should though for the way she quietly does things for people purely out of the goodness of her heart.

I wish her luck, I hope she’ll be well looked after and won’t get MRSA or C Diff or any other free samples from the hospital. We will miss her so much and we will just be hoping for her to make a quick recovery so that she can come back to work and make us all laugh.

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