Lazy day

Didn’t get up till 10.30! Shock horror! Apart from going outside in the night to check that Jen’s car hadn’t been stolen. (This was because Ralph started barking and a car seemed to be on the drive, probably just turning round.)

Took Ralph out for his walk and he met four dogs but none of them were really in the mood to play.Buddy tried to run about but was feeling sore because he had gone off adventuring one morning and had scratched himself. Two were rather small and obviously thought Ralph was rather alarming and the other was a guest staying at Buddy’s house who was more interested in chewing up a stick. It was a beautiful day, really spring like.

It’s funny how you feel more tired when you’ve had a load of sleep. Nigel’s snoring in the chair and I’ve been lying on the bed cuddling Ralph.

I’m wondering how many people will be asking for bird flu vaccinations tomorrow. It’s been made very clear that such a thing is not available and won’t be until bird flu mutates. Mind you, you can understand why people get confused. There are two messages being given out a the moment, there’s an infinitesimal risk of the Suffolk outbreak spreading to people but if it did it would be very serious. After the foot and mouth debacle it’s not surprising people are unwilling to trust Defra. What was it called before? Can’t remember! Maybe the Ministry of Making a Collosal Cock Up and Killing Loads of Animals.

Trouble is, I can’t see the people of this country coping with anything that would affect their lifestyles. You’ve only got to see what supermarkets are like if there is even a whiff of a shortage. It’s the greatest way to sell something, saying it’s in short supply.

People cannot cope with symptoms for long either. There is very little allowing things to run their course or trusting nature to fix things. A few sneezes or a cough and it’s ” I must have an urgent appointment” (in between the hairdresser and the shopping)!

A cold is never a cold either it’s always flu . Flu is when you cannot get out of bed and walk across the road even if you are promised £1000 for doing so.

Oh dear, I seem to be getting on to my soapbox. It is odd though, isn’t it how a headache has to be called migraine, a cold flu, etc. Maybe it all dates back to getting extra care when you were little and you had something wrong, people want that sort of cherishing and feel they have to exaggerate to get it.

I meet quite a lot of 90 year olds in my job and when I think what they have lived through and how stoical they are, I wonder if anyone from my generation will last that long!

Sorry for the gloom and doom.

PS Can anyone define a ping?


My friend’s major operation

A radical cystectomy.That is having your bladder removed. It is massive stuff. 7 1/2 hours on the table. What they do is, get the tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder, chop off a bit of bowel, poke the aforementioned tubes into the bowel and make an opening (stoma) on to the skin. The urine is then collected in a bag. while they’re at it they have a good old scrounge around inside and take out any odd bits and pieces like ovaries or a womb. (Her womb was long gone so that saved some time.)

My friend had tubes in to her neck, 5 drains, several drips and of course, her new wee-wee bag. (Jenny’s friend calls a wee-wee a double french yes.)

She spent a short time in ITU. She came home after a week but she had an infection and couldn’t stop being sick so had to go to another hospital for a few more days. Whilst there some mad old lady tipped cold water all over her!

That’s an abbreviated version of her saga. She is absolutely amazing, not complaining, walking straight backed and being immensely brave and matter of fact. I pay her great tribute,she is Amazing. She is a doctors’receptionist and NO way is she anything like the archetypal receptionist and we miss her and hope she’ll soon be back making us laugh (and making us coffee- and rolls)!

Didn’t get to blog yesterday because we had to go and buy a bottle opener (for a bottle of wine that turned out to be disgusting). We found a bottle of Kummel, yippee! Also Jen had work to do on the Mac and I couldn’t be bothered to get my laptop out.

The cars. I took Nige’s car to work today . When I came home I left it at the garage, Jen picked me up then I drove Claire’s car and Jen drove her own back to the garage. (Claire having taken my car .)

I had my eyes tested yesterday, need new glasses, tried on some wacky ones.

Maybe it’s time to have another go at a link<a href=”>Laura’s blog</a> if that’s not right I’m even <b>stupider</b>than I thought oh I give up, think I’ll just have to use words! Apologies again.

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