Sunday and Monday Dogwalks, Tidying ,Leopard Gecko – and WorK

Well now everything is in the title , I don’t really need to write anything !

Yesterday I took the plunge , well actually Ralph did . I decided to take him to the Jubilee River (aka Windsor and Maidenhead Flood Relief Channel). Last time we went there it took ages to catch him but I thought I’d take the risk as it was Sunday so I had time. He had a lovely time splashing about and only harassed one cyclist!

A man came along who was very taken with him and asked what breed he was because he was thinking of getting a family dog.

Then Ralph let me catch him !

Went over to the pub for lunch with Claire and her boyfriend. He then realised that he wanted to watch football so we had to give him a lift to his cousin’s house.

Popped up to the yard to worm Celeste , much to her displeasure!  Some horses and ponies are easy to worm, Apache just licks her chops but Celeste? She is tricky. She sticks her head high in the air, moves further and further back in to her stable and uses any tactic she can think of to avoid the dreaded syringe. If you can get hold of her jaw or her tongue you can slip the wormer in quickly. (No good trying to put it in food either, she knows.)

Yesterday, once she was wormed, Claire offered her a treat and at first she refused  as if to say ‘don’t think you can suck up to me now” but then she decided she’s just take the treat after all.

Back home to start the big tidy up. Claire made a start on it (Jen having gone to the cinema) and I proceeded to remove the Norton anti-virus (which expired in 03!)  and install McAfee, then I upgraded to Windows Explorer 7 so the PC should be happier now . Our Mac is downstairs which is where I am at the moment.

6.20am comes around so soon! Up. reluctantly.Took Ralph out and he met his dear friend Sebastian and they had a great run around. They went in to the woody bit where Ralph found something that was a great joy.I think it was a skull and spine of a squirrel, possibly the remains of the dead one which his friend Hans had had fun with yesterday apparently.

Anyway, this trophy had to be carried around the field at great speed with Sebastian in tow. It was starting to rain so we made our way back up the path (from which Sebastian’s dad had kindly cleared a lot of fallen branches). I began to think that the smelly carcass was going to be taken home and probably indoors,ugh, but luckily, once in the churchyard, Ralph abandoned it. Of course he’ll probably find it again tomorrow although I’m hoping some bird will have eaten it.

Went to work, saw some patients, spent some time putting information on the computer, came home, then the fun started.

Claire was still round her boyfriend’s. Had to remind her that Louey, the leopard Gecko had an appointment at the vets. Louey is Jenny’s but about 18months ago , we had the house rewired and he went to lodge at C’s boyfriend’s house so that he wouldn’t get cold.

C’s boyfriend , P, got attached to him and so he stayed there.P also has a uromastix called Turbo .

About a month ago, P suddenly decided that he was allergic to the reptiles and that they must be moved to our house immediately. Frankly I think this was OTT. Jen has developed an allergy to the horses and that really is bad. Claire is allergic to nuts and has to carry adrenaline.

Anyway all of a sudden two lizards are deposited in Claire’s bedroom. Everything was hastily shoved on the bed and she hasn’t been able to sleep in it since.

This is made worse by the fact that Claire used to have a lovely bearded dragon called Stumpy (because he didn’t have a full tail). She had him from a baby but eventually decided that he should go to a better home because she could no longer give him enough care and attention.She gave him and all his expensive equipment away to some people who love him lots. Now here she is again with reptiles to care for!

Little Louey hasn’t been himself since the move. This is probably due to various factors, the stress of the move, shedding, not warm enough, no UV (because Claire was wrongly informed). Anyway, he’s not eating.She has changed his bedding . We took him to the vet last night and he’s going to have blood tests and an Xray.

The stress was due to

 a) Jenny going on about how he was fine when she had him

b) Jenny going on about her car’s MOT and general repairs which she seems to think should be done in 5 minutes and why hasn’t it been arranged already

c) P objecting (silently) because I asked him to look at our boiler, even though he said he would before and we pay him if he does any jobs for us .NB he has been known to ring us at any time for medical advice

d) Claire and P finally moving the reptiles vivs in to a much more suitable location, P then claiming to be having an allergic reaction (little evidence of this)Him then deciding that C wasn’t showing enough sympathy

C had to take P home then and he said he didn’t want to see her family for sometime! She feels very torn. She hates rows. They’ve been together for 5 years but sometimes she’s not sure if it’s really going to last.

After all this, C and I decided we needed wine and chocolate so we went and got some.

J, maybe realising she had been a pain, prepared her Dad’s dinner and put the rubbish out.

I am pleased to say that Ralph has not resurrected the skeleton. He had a great play with Seb and Buddy this morning so he’s happy.

I’m not entirely sure that these investigations for Louey are going to help but we’ll see!

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