Death in the Family

Sadly, our little friend Pickle has died. He was a dear little guinea pig who squeaked a lot, making a noise that sounded like “weep,weep”. He was a good age and had lived on his own in a big hutch which he used to share with his dear friend, Punky, until he died and Mopsy the rabbit moved in. Sadly, she died too! She was a wonderful little black minature lop who lived to a ripe old age. She used to come indoors and climb up my husband’s trousers to get poppadums. (if we were having a curry!)

Now we only have two cats, two ponies and a dog. The ponies are off on their travels again on Saturday, we’re moving them to a yard which is nearer home. We’ll be sad to leave the yard we’re at at the moment but it should be easier for us to look after them,less gates and hills.(We do have lights there now and we really like the other people but it’s time to move on..)

The work on our house is nearly finished, thank goodness.

We’ve been on a couple of train trips recently, firstly a weekend in Scotland and then a day trip to Milford Haven. The Scotland trip was quite a marathon with rather too many coach journeys for my liking! It’s quite a feat when there’s a train load of people to discourge- five coach loads!

We went to Tobermory, which was very pretty. That weekend the Isle of Mull had a car rally so there were lots of motor racing types around. The racing takes place on roads which are closed to traffic but we saw lots of cars as the pit stop area was in Tobermory. Our coachdriver was very friendly and interesting, a born and bred Mullion, don’t know if that’s the correct term!

On the first day, we stopped in Penrith and went to Ullswater where we had a trip on a boat which was lovely. We also visited a castle and a fishing village near Stranrar over the weekend and went to New Lanark but the Tobermory trip was the best. Met a lovely policeman on the ferrry back from Mull, he kept Claire and I entertained for the whole journey.

I really must find a more suitable location for my computer, it’s uncomfortable and I have to keep gettting up to let members of the family through to the lounge.

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A Day Out On A Train

Yesterday Claire and Nigel and I went on a train trip to the Cumbrian coast. We got up at 5am and drove to Watford to hang around at the station (hurry up and wait!) the reason we left so early was that you never know what the M25 is going to be like and to make sure we got a place in the car park. 

We bought magazines and coffee and sat people watching. We were informed that the train would be late as it hadn’t left Euston .

We were travelling first class which means you get all your meals on board. As there were three of us we knew we would have to share with a stranger so we were wondering who that would turn out to be.

The train arrived and we boarded and took our seats. Our travelling companion was a very nice man who was good company so that was lucky!

The standard of catering on these trips is amazingly good. All the food is prepared on the train and served by lovely staff. We’ve got to know several of them over the years and it’s nice to renew the aquaintance. They work extremly hard and efficiently despite the movement of the train and the food is fresh and delicious and of a far higher standard than most restaurants.

Having had a large breakfast and gallons of coffee, we sat back to look out of the window, chat and , in my case do codeword puzzles. this trip wasn’t about getting somewhere, it was a tour which took us along a line on which tours are not usually permitted. We had a quick stop in Carlisle and then travelled along the Cumbrian coastline. The sun shone and the views were superb. It was pouring with rain at home.

We had another quick stop in Preston and then we had a splendid dinner and arrived back at Watford and drove home. A very good day out. It turned out that our travelling companion and his, sadly deceased , wife , used to work at the regional hospital board in paddington where I worked long ago.

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