Thank God it’s Thursday

Well I can say that you see because I don’t work on Fridays.

Went out with girls from the yard yesterday for a drink and a chat. It was fun, a good old gossip.

Was supposed to be taking out my friend’s clips today at her house but she was poorly, being sick all the time so she had to go to A&E and she’s in hospital now. She was doing so well. It’s no fun having your bladder removed especially when the post op pain relief was forgotten.

Apparently a lady in the bed opposite was going on about her major , major surgery (kehole) but she shut up when my friend listed what she had had done.

I hope my friend will get over whatever is wrong soon-? infection. We really miss her at work.

Was supposed to be going out with old surgery friends tonight but feel a bit as if going down with something so cried off.

J thinks a speed camera got her,she was doing 39 miles per hour but she’s paranoid because she’s slready got points for going through a red light. (That was in London she’d thought it was safer than stopping as the lights changed because there was someone up her bum. )She’s been stopped loads of times just because she drives an old car late at night. Anyway she thought that I would be prepared to “take the points” if she’s done for speeding and she threw a right wobbly when I said no.I said it would be better to contest the case. I’m not a liar and I’m not prepared to commit fraud.

It looks like the band is moving onwards and upwards so that’s good news.

Claire has staggered off to work, 12 hour nights are very tiring, especially in a heavy job with a half hour drive each way. She hasn’t heard about her LAS interview yet so she’ll probably ring them next week.

I decided this morning that patients are very useful for warming up nurses’ hands. A few blood pressures and blood tests usually do the trick.

Some sweet 2 year olds this morning, one said to her Mum ” I want a cuddle and a cuddle” sounds good to me!

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