Had a bit of a wobbly this am, needed to get out of the house and frustrated by not being allowed to drive (although I think I’m just going to do it  as the risk of hip dislocation is small.) Better after a visit to the yard to see my friend and my pony. Consuming large amounts of chocolate. Put my foot in it yesterday by asking my brother – in -law if he would give the girls away if ever they get married, I wanted continuity, him standing in for his big brother, then it really hit home for my poor husband as he realised he wouldn’t see his daughters get married. They were not best pleased with me. Still, in a way, maybe these things get said and aired. Just need to get some help with his pain and get him well enough to go out a bit and enjoy things.

Been watching DVDs of Morse, nostalgic and therapeutic. Have ordered some new furniture so my husband has a comfy supportive chair at last. Ordered it on Saturday from John Lewis, will be delivered on Wednesday, you get what you pay for in the long run. Girls demolished old armchair and found just how shoddy it was, so much for DFS.

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The latest in the saga of our health is that we are getting more nervous as the gastroscopy is the day after tomorrow!

I went to the orthopaedic clinic on Tuesday and saw a Doctor I hadn’t met before and I thought he was going to say I should put up with it and wait for my operation. He started talking about me having a scan and my husband kindly spoke up and asked him to speak to the Consultant (who was next door). He went in  to see him and then came back and said that they had a “cunning plan”. I’m going to a different hospital to have my operation next Wednesday as a trauma case. Apparently the avascular necrosis is like a fracture so they’re getting around the waiting list police and taking me off the list at the cold case hospital which is great. So I’m to go to hospital 1 on Tuesday to keep my appointment for pre-op and then in to  hospital 2 for the surgery, provided the ward doesn’t fill up with accident cases. In the old days,  Consultants  had control over their operating lists.

Strangely having the operation so soon is giving me the chance to think about something other than Saturday.

This week has been quite stressful as my friend’s funeral was on Monday and then I heard that another of my friends has got breast cancer. She is being wonderfully positive .

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